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  04 Mar 2015 11:45 PST God. I sinned massively and I need your help to get back on my feet. Please change me to no longer be an alchoholic and provide so I won't lose my family.
04 Mar 2015 11:23 PST please God help me through this depression and help me save my marraige.
04 Mar 2015 10:41 PST Dear God, I am lost and broken. Please shed some light
04 Mar 2015 10:34 PST God plz dnt tke ma luv away from sufrd 1nce bt nt dis tym agn plz i beg you mke her undrstnd ma luv plz
04 Mar 2015 10:12 PST signs? now we got actual grady. not good enough. contract up?Dying Man Records a Message from God as his Last Words. 'sometimes im not kind~.roach.~' almaduh?oh
04 Mar 2015 10:08 PST now who wants a small piece of of an ok city?? i shwoned paapie wil be alright .wiht andwihotu tripper. ur jack issues r not all mine. heavin? boss2? pony?boy?
04 Mar 2015 10:02 PST 4 years turn around issues thne one day it stopped?? blakc jeri knew fans form afirca or big O issue. map quest? lab issue? corp core? a test? drugs oh yeah. dr
04 Mar 2015 09:58 PST well i coud tell yah aobut connetions . rocks and even sucking behind a tree . but evne the waltons have issu. banks forgetin mo or cashier check mason?saw
04 Mar 2015 09:56 PST sumtin aobut drive way issues and round bouts turns?? no but it involed more than mudd slingin and lawn care, nursn? black chalrie chaney? yela? jeri? neda mo
04 Mar 2015 09:53 PST yup that beast to heavy. mr chalrlie ilet midge know some how?. fan mapquest mabye drugg test. dont tell the fat lady fomr afirca jerri issue 4 jr endn chain?
04 Mar 2015 09:38 PST i know it is difficult. .still i would humbly request you to help me for what i want at the moment
04 Mar 2015 09:28 PST Why won't you help me god :((
04 Mar 2015 09:20 PST god please help me
04 Mar 2015 09:20 PST My Lord and my God, Jesus Christ, I am so sorry for all my sins and shortcomings. Thank you so much for loving us. We love you so much!
04 Mar 2015 09:17 PST R c h my life
04 Mar 2015 09:09 PST dear god,my wish is want to marry a good person don't want to be a burden for want make people happy around do good to I lost
04 Mar 2015 08:58 PST Don't with jeff goldblum
04 Mar 2015 08:54 PST thanks oyu all and good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
04 Mar 2015 08:51 PST well maybe it best im not aorund anyone . (as i said and wished and requested dayone) betta not make deal wit the devil either. i didnt know??all theresecret i
04 Mar 2015 08:49 PST Deep Cover Part 1 of 2 im familar wiht this . now also why imssed my mark ,but herbert walker bush knew, not jsut this osng not ok here iether. dem bonesdem ok
04 Mar 2015 08:47 PST Deep Cover (1992) Part 1 the come downe ot cicinatti blakc chalire cleland we got morethan riot issues wihtcause too. oh yeah tha rioit act watts kint cmptn bra
04 Mar 2015 08:43 PST god my in laws are breaking my family. pls help my husband give me justice n understand me
04 Mar 2015 08:42 PST orupaadu alukal ullathukondu samayam kittathathavum alle? pakshe enneyum vegam pariganikamo?
04 Mar 2015 08:42 PST i need job plz god help me :( ;(
04 Mar 2015 08:37 PST how did he know to give that answer day1. all ofthem(asecret) whats how louvile slugger are made 2? use helen. strupid bithc saudia arabia?? yeah purity???????
04 Mar 2015 08:33 PST opooh evyerone got there version of me, ok ull seeDeep Cover (1992) Part 1 liketheriddle of steel, ialreaydknow????????????????????answer???????????only1ever n
04 Mar 2015 08:29 PST theu nverse says it , 2 times ususaly. all other time mostly listne ot my father. sig and and h&k know whats i portect. as god has done 4 u midge. she dont touc
04 Mar 2015 08:26 PST beyond persnal to me & my father. clevlands holdin out still 2 marges & midges land. wild thang?yeha her again cicnattiin clevland. taka condo auntie?????
04 Mar 2015 08:22 PST please god. .save and clear my 7th sem. . especially in heat transfer. .
04 Mar 2015 08:17 PST hes in celvalnd dad, he goes bye the name black chalie. kill everyone in that neighbor hood. using the kid day one tampa st pete. siggers , berea brownes
04 Mar 2015 08:11 PST Father, you can not fail to give me a job. please give me job. in Jesus name.
04 Mar 2015 08:08 PST hey dad, a little past extreeme in this life. see yah aorund your sun ps arnold dont know aobut it or that either
04 Mar 2015 08:01 PST pls god i jst want to clear my ctet exam. plz help me. if this exam will not b clear then i will b fail in my life. . plsss god ji mera zm clear krwa
04 Mar 2015 08:00 PST God the walls of Jerico fell down , let all walls in my life fall down as you pass my life .amen
04 Mar 2015 07:58 PST god fight this albert battle for me you have never lost the other battles. come thRough for me as always the devil is a liar . wont succed by the blood of Jesu
04 Mar 2015 07:55 PST I love my god
04 Mar 2015 07:46 PST god. please change my father's mind. make him a kind man.
04 Mar 2015 07:00 PST Dear God, Its our last NAT Exam tomorrow., Please Guide me and help me to answer,You're my Hope You're my Savior. I trust in you Lord God.
04 Mar 2015 06:53 PST Father please bring my children to live with me. i beg you fervantley. in jesus' name. amen.
04 Mar 2015 06:49 PST Jesus i fervantly beg you to please send me employment that fills me with joy and peace as your word says. please i beg you for me to feel safe and comfortable
04 Mar 2015 06:46 PST Father i beg of your blessings despite my sins. im a sinner. please bring prosperity peace and joy. in lord jesus' name. amen.
04 Mar 2015 06:43 PST Please God I beg you in Jesus' name that i will find employment that i enjoy. I beg you to have mercy on me and let me have employment that pays well that i can
04 Mar 2015 06:42 PST 2 n*igger keys?? ok. single molt is the best. as i told eveyrone. like i was told from my father. there is no god too. jokes and jokers?? all deck have em ru
04 Mar 2015 06:38 PST Oh god bless me with money money&money to solve my financial problem very faster before march 2015 in advance
04 Mar 2015 06:38 PST some one pushed darrel off a bridge?? ill got kick the rest carcus off the road. whats? i thoguth oyu liked being teacher and bolgne at disney &pete
04 Mar 2015 06:34 PST josh byrid karing too. i let clark or big al know. its tx issue wit urnings. fo e a mommment like thiiss. some polee wait forevvverr. inder wear and scarf pin
04 Mar 2015 06:30 PST Will I become a millionaire
04 Mar 2015 06:28 PST god please give me sily straight healthy hair naturally and permanently please beg you god please before april 2015
04 Mar 2015 06:26 PST then i guess we live a wolrd of got then. maybe were the biggest s and s god sent. no set of rules?? enjoy oyur golden hair my friend. our world wil

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