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  28 Apr 2015 04:15 PDT Thank you God for prayers answered
28 Apr 2015 04:06 PDT Dear ALLAH please give us all successful life here and also in eternity. .
28 Apr 2015 03:58 PDT Deva please mala atta bharpur pause ani nokri de changli please mala arthik tension madhun sodav
28 Apr 2015 03:58 PDT hellow
28 Apr 2015 03:48 PDT god i believe you
28 Apr 2015 03:48 PDT god please raise my marks
28 Apr 2015 03:24 PDT god please help my parents
28 Apr 2015 03:20 PDT Lord forgive me for my sins take me back to her and help me to become a better person for my Ana. i want her back Lord
28 Apr 2015 03:05 PDT Please help me god please give a cute and healthy baby
28 Apr 2015 02:50 PDT Dear God please forgive my sins. .give me strength to love my wife and kids and help me survive in this world
28 Apr 2015 02:37 PDT lord God I need financial blessings in my promotion for marilyn melissa and health for me an my need my own house
28 Apr 2015 02:32 PDT I love you God
28 Apr 2015 02:18 PDT Hope u listen to my prayer yesterday in church. . n show me the way! Thank God
28 Apr 2015 01:53 PDT Thanks for the visit!
28 Apr 2015 01:35 PDT bham bham bhole
28 Apr 2015 01:21 PDT forgive me for my sins. thank you for all u have done and my wonderful blessings. please be by my side cause I feel like I can t keep going in this life.
28 Apr 2015 00:32 PDT Loving Father please let me get my clearance from her. Please You alone know what I ve been through. help me.
28 Apr 2015 00:04 PDT please forgive me for my countless sins. Please take care of my babies till I get their. please help me do good in this life
28 Apr 2015 00:02 PDT God please help me
27 Apr 2015 23:53 PDT God I pray Diana and I get the same great high paying security job please if hear my prayer I pray that happens.
27 Apr 2015 23:35 PDT my good lord please help me in overcoming the obstacles in my life
27 Apr 2015 23:31 PDT HW r u Take care god. And thanks. . For all bad luck. .
27 Apr 2015 23:04 PDT deet lord almighty. help me with all my wishes. in Jesus. name i pray
27 Apr 2015 22:50 PDT ng ina mo ka hayup ka. may araw ka din pweh tang ina mo!!!
27 Apr 2015 22:50 PDT Dear Lord I pray to you to forgive me for my sins. Amen
27 Apr 2015 22:42 PDT Lord pleas help!
27 Apr 2015 22:12 PDT Dear god please help me to find a good job now
27 Apr 2015 22:06 PDT Please god aaj mere 10th class ka result hai please mujhe 1 divison me pass kr dho. Jo v mai galat kaam kr rha ho ushe chor dunaga. Please 1 divison me pass
27 Apr 2015 21:50 PDT Aum Namah Shivay! Please bless me!
27 Apr 2015 21:44 PDT Dear god please cure my dad disease he should hav a long n healthy life
27 Apr 2015 21:32 PDT Forgive me and those who not know any better
27 Apr 2015 21:12 PDT god please make me to pass with good marks
27 Apr 2015 20:42 PDT Ikaw ng ina ka bakit di ka lumaban ng patas ha puro ka ganyan puro ka ganyan wala ka naman binatbat ng ina mo ang dami di namam kinakarma
27 Apr 2015 20:26 PDT Damm you ng ina ka. ur day ng ina araw ka din ng ina mo!!!!!
27 Apr 2015 20:22 PDT ng ina mo ano ba talaga gusto mo mangyari ng ina ka ha. d un mga kapwa basura na gaya mo parusahan at karmahin ha . ina ka bwsit ka!
27 Apr 2015 20:16 PDT ng ina mo hayup ka tang ina ka
27 Apr 2015 20:07 PDT thank you
27 Apr 2015 20:04 PDT God please give me another job )
27 Apr 2015 20:02 PDT pray for life partner
27 Apr 2015 19:50 PDT God let me think about life not death
27 Apr 2015 19:48 PDT Dear God please grant me the favor of a happy ending to my miserable life
27 Apr 2015 19:47 PDT god give me strength to see the day through thanks
27 Apr 2015 19:46 PDT Sabko khush rakhna
27 Apr 2015 19:31 PDT respected god please help me to solve the problems of my life and my mother s long happy healthy peaceful life
27 Apr 2015 19:08 PDT Dear God please let my grandmother die happily and peacefully. Give her strength to overcome this.
27 Apr 2015 19:05 PDT Dear God please shower light on my son and help him achieve top 500 AIR in IIT JEE Advanced 2015
27 Apr 2015 18:53 PDT please help me in establishing my self i am dying out here from inside please help me god please.
27 Apr 2015 18:51 PDT hi I need your help if u agree with me making porn of me and women please send me the women and equipment to succeed
27 Apr 2015 18:39 PDT Dear god help my son achieve top 500 air in iit jee(advanced) 2015

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