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What if you could send a message to God? What would you say? What would you ask for? If people from all over the world are writing messages here, God just might take notice. Don't miss your opportunity to send your own message to Him.

Feb 12   Help me out please. My professor is trying to cause problems for me
Feb 12   God can you make every thing to normal!
Feb 12   Please God just let this thing I m dealing with go away. I beg of you please
Feb 12   God please let me make my 100 free cut tonight so I can play in my game tomorrow. Also let my football dreams come true please god. I have sinned and am truly
Feb 12   Lord I love you all God is very near to love is something I need escalating because my love is so deep with you all is that for ever and ever and kiss you
Feb 12   who are we and what should we do
Feb 12   May I this Master ProWhiteBeing who loves Thee! Be free from suffering! May I this master ProWhiteBeing who loves Thee! Be at peace. Stop & end White Genocide.
Feb 12   Xama karu hay maa laxmi hamra per dayakaru hay dhan ke devi mata laxmi hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi . .
Feb 12   god please give me a sutteble job
Feb 12   God thank you
Feb 12   Jesus please i cry out to you. iam a sinner and need help with work and staying off of drugs.
Feb 12   Hay maa laxmi hay maa sarsawati yaha sab per daya kariyau hay maa hamro per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Feb 12   Make a miracle come for me Lord. I know your love will not fail me. Thank u Jesus. And Holy !
Feb 12   Dear Lord. Share some of your healing light with my family my dad and mom. Heal them save them protect them and lift their spirit up. Amen
Feb 12   Great Lord Jesus thank you for all you have given to me. Thank you for what you wll do for me in the future. My prayer is to meet a wonderful woman in the near
Feb 12   Hay sab per daya kara bali maiya laxmi kanik daya hamro per kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay jagat janni maiya laxmi. .
Feb 12   Let me get and stay happily married.
Feb 12   May I this master ProWhiteBeing who loves thee! Be free from suffering! May I this ProWhiteBeing who loves Thee! Be at peace.
Feb 12   You know my problems. So ill step back & let u work your miracles 4 me. Let my love 4 u change my life forever. Amen
Feb 12   Hhhhhhh my friend just said she was attracted to Jesus sexualllylyuuuu u help me meet
Feb 12   i fap to u man. ur the greatest sonofa to eve rlive
Feb 12   Please God send us a healthy baby even two.
Feb 12   God. . Plz help me #sh
Feb 12   Please answer my prayers God I cant take it anymore
Feb 12   i need money my lord please help me my account details name kiranlal naik banavath andhra bank .branch code number 134310100008036 .
Feb 12   god meri help karo mujhe Janna heki kya home Walla he agar v day ke din anger o hamse call ya sms nehi kiye to me he samkhungiki ap khud usko mujhse khud dur
Feb 12   Help us krishna
Feb 12   Dear Lord Jesus please hear my prayer
Feb 12   help me god my dreams my life. .plz help my broken heart soul faith. . .
Feb 12   Dear God please grant me the favor of a happy ending to my miserable life
Feb 12   Dear God please protect my mom and take her to a safe place. God please heal her husband and change his mindset. Please God it s really tough. God I want my
Feb 12   Dear Lord Jesus I Believe you are the son of the living god thank you for dying on the crossing for my sin please forgive my sin and give me gift of eternal li
Feb 12   God please help me to be strong
Feb 12   Please let it snow and ice on Monday in Marietta Ga 2 15 16 please
Feb 12   Jesus please help me. Please forgive me please I beg you for one last chance. Please Lord. Amen
Feb 12   Dear God please heal my broken heart and broken soul
Feb 12   Hay god plz i want to a good way plz help me
Feb 12   iswar pls help me mujeh aaj aapki bohut jarurat hai agar aaj mujeh help nahi milti to ho sakta hai aaj mera last day ho pls help me meri help kar do mere liye n
Feb 12   Dear God As I type this message to you I beg you to give me more faith and believe in you. I need a job please blessed me
Feb 12   Rejoiceth not in iniquity but rejoiceth in the truth love beareth all things believeth all things hopeth all things endureth all things. 1 Corinthians 13 6 7 (SMS)
Feb 12   God please help me feel well I just want to be well please I pray
Feb 12   No denis no sean i trief my hardest today but as usual you are not here for me and the ringing noise is getting worse
Feb 12   jai shree bala ji maharaj. mere vale advisor madam hi minu vich mil jaan bhagwan ji tuhadi boht kripa hoyegi jai shri raam
Feb 12   God please show me the right path in my life and give me more and more strength
Feb 12   Please help me in keeping my parents happy and fulfilling their wish please maje me successful
Feb 12   my dear god. plz help in my financial comdition. God i need d 25 Lacs its urgent. God agar muje kisine help kiya to me unko return karungi. but plz. abhi muje h
Feb 12   Good morning Lord. I thank u for this day. Please be with me as I travel on the road. Anwser my be usAmen
Feb 12   I pray my ex wife comes back to my life and I believe that we both deserve a second chance and things will turn out great for each other please answer my praye
Feb 12   oh my am in serious give a hand out of this don t know who am please help to me
Feb 12   i am slave
Feb 12   god can u take the guy account who is playing on my tanki online account pleasehelp me can u take his account or can u mke me change the password please
Feb 12   Dear God in Jesus name i am putting my trust in you because I know your always there for me
Feb 12   Dear God please watch over my family help us become our better selves .
Feb 12   Please make my dog Twinkie who is very sick better so she can come home & enjoy her senior years with her family please make her kidney stones & her blood work
Feb 12   Sean loves you do not Do Not kill self call me on ur cell phone
Feb 12   i luv u piece of cu nt. ur the greates mutha fu cker to ever fu cking pls fu ck me in the pu ssy
Feb 12   Loik god i am in the gym nnow please let it fix me and me cime down to a msg from denis and sean pllease god
Feb 12   Dear God in Jesus name forgive me if I have just sinned.
Feb 12   May I this master ProWhiteBeing who loves Thee* Be free from suffering* May I this master ProWhiteBeing who loves Thee* Be at peace. Stop & end White Genocide.
Feb 12   Dear yahweh i am thank you and the unexpected blessing! i bless others too.
Feb 12   Letter To God For A Physical Cleansing Dear God please help me to overcome my bad situation please help me to overcome my troubled childhood memories of my res
Feb 12   God get me through tho
Feb 12   god pls hlp him to get a job asap .plzzzz.
Feb 12   God farder help my life i want partner good life
Feb 12   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Feb 12   Please god help me i need you
Feb 12   are you gay
Feb 12   god ho sakta hai mera aaj last din hai meri help na to aapne ki or sayad na hi karoge bas mai aapse yahi prayers karta hu ki jo bhi mujeh jaane anjaane mai galt
Feb 12   dear god dear matha i want to marry your daughter plz help me.
Feb 12   Please god get denis to ring me i need him to survive this life please god plesse
Feb 12   Dear god pls help me to fulfil my dreams. pls make me bigshot i want to become musician and soo rich pls god
Feb 12   you will never take our guns.
Feb 12   I did mistake about money please excuse me and intervene in my financial problems and solve and help me to come to normalcy.
Feb 12   SinnerGogs hippercrits & liers* We will see you all go into the fire* Only on the firering line two at a time* No lines drawen* your all marked you will never t
Feb 12   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Feb 12   Dead God I have made my significant other contemplate our relationship. He helps me and supports me in ways no other could and the fact that he s so sad hurts
Feb 12   Dear God in Jesus name please help my left lung pain go away
Feb 12   Lets het this quite strsigjt god im out of cornerstone i want to feel bettet and i wsnt sean amd denis to ring me TODAY ASAP PLEASE. If you care about me and my
Feb 12   Hisssssss hisssss hisssss History in the making ENDING sinnerGogs power over us in US & EU a good start. Thank you jesus xxx.
Feb 12   Almighty Lord we have been cheated by people for a lot of money. They are absconding and we are in trouble pl help and save us. We are in custody and they are
Feb 12   god please me jo soch rha hu wo ho jae nahi to mujhe ni pata ki kya hoga please help me
Feb 12   Dear God in Jesus name please watch over and protect my son my daughter my grandson my friend and me . Please keep us all safe especially in this frigid weat
Feb 12   God help me to make my parents proud. .by getting good marks
Feb 12   SO!!!. I live in paradice. No snake eyed troopers there.
Feb 12   god I have many problems struggle and I can t get any happiness bcz my mom not believe me .she not likes me. help me
Feb 12   Dear God sry 4 evrything. plz hlp him 2 gt a god.
Feb 12   I hate monkeys
Feb 12   kya hmmobile lene jayege to kya mil jayega
Feb 12   hmsatna se h
Feb 12   i live in satna
Feb 12   I rang U R a african prostatute pimped out by a gog
Feb 12   God father you know me please
Feb 12   Dear god be happy you forever
Feb 12   Dear God thank U for your love my son feels like a failure please lift up his spirits and help him find a job.
Feb 12   Zooiphilia CatRapeist leave our Feelions Alone* Stop hurting our P*V*S*S*YS. Try one of your own apes to rape.
Feb 12   Please help me Rs 500000 and save my life. please contact 09738517516
Feb 12   Dear my Father God please give me 2 3million$ i want to build your house and buy taxis for church buy my own house cars and open my private clinic in your word
Feb 12   Dear God in Jesus name please please help me don t let my emphesema get any help me be functional.
Feb 12   i am not real i want to die as soon as possible please

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