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What if you could send a message to God? What would you say? What would you ask for? If people from all over the world are writing messages here, God just might take notice. Don't miss your opportunity to send your own message to Him.

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Jun 29   Goodmorning heavenly her please look over nazare kelley and maria today keep them safe happy and healthy Lord in Jesus name amen
Jun 29   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Jun 29   God please help with my finaces!!!
Jun 29   If they want to bewitch me kill them my God.
Jun 29   Lord guide me and him for this day. Thank you realy thanks
Jun 29   Dear God in Jesus name please watch over and protect my son my daughter my grandson my friend and me. Please be with us and keep us safe.
Jun 29   thanks for all the things happening . even bad or good Praise the Lord !!
Jun 29   GOD almighty i am writhing this message to you to ask for mercy from you change my life and bless me money .God if u bless me i will never forget youn please Go
Jun 29   may i this master pro white being! be free from suffering! may i this master pro white being! be at peace! grant us! the strenght to end white genocide thank yo
Jun 29   Hey ! god please help me i need your help very much give m e powers to solve my problems and i urgently want to met you as fast as possibl
Jun 29   Please my God heal me.
Jun 29   Dear God please watch over my family
Jun 29   i have no money please God send miracle money
Jun 29   I promissed to send 100kr to you if Iceland won the game against England . . not really sure how to proceed with the transaction so please give me a sign inst
Jun 29   God thank you
Jun 29   Pls help
Jun 29   god help me please please help me
Jun 29   pls god help the lady I have now to love me as I am I will marry her next year pls god
Jun 29   god please help to understand what to study for exams time is passing & i am still unable to make up my mind
Jun 29   My God thank need lots of money help me my God to get it.
Jun 29   Please God help the world fine peace and free us from hate greed and unkindness in you I trust Lord
Jun 29   God why so pain to all in our family due to which my children i cant give them the best so i ask U when will b the good days coming bank people are harassing ap
Jun 29   Lord Sorry po. Forgive me po lord. . Please Help Me Po. Lord
Jun 29   hello help me
Jun 29   bholenath mere pati ki raksha karna vo kuch galat na kare aur ghar vapas aa jaaye
Jun 29   Dear god if I win lotto tonight I will give my house to the beady and I will serve the Brady and try and make everyone s life just s little bit better
Jun 29   jesus please help me. . please . .
Jun 29   Dear dont hate am your me in your grace cos I am loosing this battle called unloved child
Jun 29   I love you so much thank you for my gifts
Jun 29   lord please forgive me for my sins amen
Jun 29   Thanks Jesus Mother mary and st antonys for helping all and making all haooy
Jun 29   Lord help me be good and do good please.
Jun 29   Dear god let me know how can i solve your problem .actually i am new god )
Jun 29   I d like a girl miracle please
Jun 29   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maa laxmi hamra per daya karu hay maa hamar duwa kabulnkake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa. .
Jun 29   o god mujhe parwati rani se bat krwaiye mn nhi lg rha h
Jun 29   Holy Lord Jesus please help me with my debts Lord. I m desperate my King. Thank you Lord
Jun 28   Dear God bless us.
Jun 28   please tell my mom that i love her and miss her dear God amen
Jun 28   Dear God in Jesus name thank you for a good day. Please help my kids be ok and nothing bad happen
Jun 28   jesus please help me from this prblm. help me to achieve my goal. bless me jesus.
Jun 28   Dear lord pls lift me up!
Jun 28   Pray my x the father of my son help with school shopping n plan Nathan bday party s (SMS)
Jun 28   Pray my skin clear up n no dryness redness or chap (SMS)
Jun 28   Pray my x the father of my son help with school shopping n plan Nathan bday party s (SMS)
Jun 28   Hello Your resume is coming in for the Denver Colorado area. You are more than welcome to look up Hospitality Staffing Solutions in Grand Rapids and someone would be happy to assist you. (SMS)
Jun 28   Pray Gwen miss us ox (SMS)
Jun 28   God help me i pray to you to get me my dream job as a recrestion assistance job in a care home . you know i have skills to do that job . please dear God you ca
Jun 28   Dear Lord please continue to lift me up. Amen.
Jun 28   Dios mio dame la fuerza de encontrar el camino correcto y a tomar deciciones acertadas. Amen
Jun 28   Dear God First of all thank you for being good to me for the guidance and for the the life that You sustain to us Lord I write this letter to You asking for He
Jun 28   Lord I pray youll help me pay off my bills. Help me to keep my truck. Thank you God Amen
Jun 28   please God give me my friends back
Jun 28   Bless me & my family
Jun 28   thank you for another day god bless everyone and god bless Dwight with his health problems an jw ricks dad eryone and Dwight with his health problems
Jun 28   Dear Lord please help me find a place for my wife and I to live that we can afford.
Jun 28   Lord Sorry po. Please Forgive me po. Please Help Me Po. .
Jun 28   I want God to make away (SMS)
Jun 28   Pray it was hot not cold (SMS)
Jun 28   Pray Gwen miss us (SMS)
Jun 28   If this is possible that I can remain on earth after I die perhaps in the shape of wolf protecting the earth. Perhaps give me the gift of teleportation so that
Jun 28   Type your message here
Jun 28   Lord please help me po. im sorry po lord. flease forgibve me po. .
Jun 28   Pray we was miss at school (SMS)
Jun 28   I m so scared. Please God help me. Please don t let anything bad happen
Jun 28   PleaSe allow him to apologize
Jun 28   Dear God please heal my broken heart and broken soul
Jun 28   i love you Lord thank you
Jun 28   Give us back our freedom dear god please and keep bad corrupt neighbors away from us for ever. urgent. cant cope anymore.
Jun 28   dear Lord bless all amen
Jun 28   Jesus christ habe mercy on me please make my hiv test be negitive i made a mistake and i wouldnt but i beg u lord to give me another chanve i said that
Jun 28   I need prayer. I m confused. I need to know what I m doing is right. I ve moved my life across the country and feel lost.
Jun 28   Hi god. Im sincerely praying for you always my dream job as flight attendant i call it frustrated flight attendant really. Please help me. Give as your birthday
Jun 28   God please help me Jesus please touch me god please god forgive me for all my Sins god i accept that i have done Sins Please god save me let you kindness god in
Jun 28   Hay maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maiya laxmi suin lu hamar manke baat hay maa hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa. .
Jun 28   go yog not a wog
Jun 28   i feel that you are non existent. .please help me. .give me one chance and i ll prove it to myself and to you
Jun 28   Please god i need you . Tell me you are here. Show tjat you have done it for me . Please please You are my father
Jun 28   please give us friends please
Jun 28   Please help me
Jun 28   I have pain in my chest please my God destroy it. Amen.
Jun 28   Help me please
Jun 28   Please jesus i am in desparate need of a large lump sum of money atleast ten thousand im about to lose my car ive already lost my job i got four kids and our el
Jun 28   Maa maa maa laxmi mata ki jay ho hay maa laxmi suin lu hamar man ke baat hay maa hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa laxmi. .
Jun 28   Iam very sad and still dont understand life at 58 iam in good health good job but it seems the people me bring down mostly family mom dying from cancer br
Jun 28   Pray No hot flashes (SMS)
Jun 28   Pray Charleen get a place apartment in Grand Rapids (SMS)
Jun 28   1 844 job 6767 (SMS)
Jun 28   1844 job 6767 (SMS)
Jun 28   Please God help me prove my innocence in all the bad that has happened to a friend and please help other s see it as well! I just want a chance to prove I am a
Jun 28   Will you please help me achieve my dream in life
Jun 28   Dear God please bring my family together in good times mom dad brother sister nephew sister inlaw husband kids and inlaws please forgive m e of my mistakes and
Jun 28   i pray for my dad that is in jail dear God amen
Jun 28   when i can get married
Jun 28   Hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hay karuna dharni maiya laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maa suin lu hamar manokamna hay maa hamara per daya kake hamara 330000000crore rupiya
Jun 28   All mighty God please give me a job answer me now Lord Lord i ask in the name of Jesus Christ . Amen
Jun 28   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Jun 28   Father. Please help me to get in that school
Jun 28   Yo God call my cell please.

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