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06 Jul 2015 Pls i wanna be happy pls give me what my heart desires oh lord so tired of being alone and lonely this i ask in jesus name
06 Jul 2015 Please God just let us see each other again and talk this time.
06 Jul 2015 Dear God please make him like me and talk to me. I have loved him for 20 years. I want be his friend. Please let us become friends.
06 Jul 2015 ni mila yal god aj meri priya upset hui woh chahthi h mein uske sath rahu app ku ni chahthe ye.
06 Jul 2015 Help me please
06 Jul 2015 maa hai maa kaila nai jaldi se hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila dai xi hai laxmi mata ham duwa karai xi e manokamna hamar jald pura hoi hai mata
06 Jul 2015 Please help Kates father
06 Jul 2015 What is happening to my life please help me I just want rest please
06 Jul 2015 maa laxmi ji jay ho plz. hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila de maai. .
06 Jul 2015 God please have mercy on me forgive me
06 Jul 2015 plz jesus i want 1 lakh rupees indian curency pl zsend to me
06 Jul 2015 God if you are there . please give me and Sumi the justice
06 Jul 2015 god please help me to do my research with out any problem
06 Jul 2015 Please give me a. tablet
06 Jul 2015 god am blank. what show me path.
06 Jul 2015 my brother s son is in hospital . Please help him to be get well soon
06 Jul 2015 god please help me
06 Jul 2015 I want my job back please help me tomorrow they should call me n request me to come
06 Jul 2015 please help me I want to be permeanent in simplex infrastructure ltd
06 Jul 2015 Dear god
06 Jul 2015 father I need your help come to my rescue for I am weak and everything goes wrong . bless my husband financially and grant me a job . in Jesus name Amen
06 Jul 2015 May love magic flow. .
06 Jul 2015
06 Jul 2015 god i am poar mari pas
06 Jul 2015 Dear I have done a mistake please forgive me . Amen
06 Jul 2015 God pls give me that num 4tom 4d pls just once
06 Jul 2015 Just tell me why this kind of things happen with me. .please help
06 Jul 2015 God plz make this go away I love you god so much AMEN
06 Jul 2015 Mala maf kar deva
06 Jul 2015 God please help us all. Thank you in Jesus name Amen
06 Jul 2015 god please help me . .
06 Jul 2015 Oh God please give me back the love that is away from me. please give me back my peace. please give me my mental stability. .
06 Jul 2015 Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
06 Jul 2015 Suggest anem for the company
06 Jul 2015 Dear God Please let me pass my exam. Amen.
06 Jul 2015 Dear god thank you forgive meheal&watchoverall5kidsplsstopforeclosureusbankhomemortgsaveour onlyhome21yrsmiracleinjesusnameamenamenamenpraisethelordheisgood poor
06 Jul 2015 Almighty God please give me the stregnth to kick this addiction. Thank you for being you. Amen
06 Jul 2015 Please help me my dear god
06 Jul 2015 m so sad god mere papa ki 2nd marriage ho gai hai meri mma ki death ho gai thi ab mere papa ke pass 2 girls hai wo uhne he payar krte hai nd meri soteli maa ham
06 Jul 2015 Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
06 Jul 2015 oh lord please control me
06 Jul 2015 My father jisus thank you jisus for your blessin muk dukhr pora poritran disa 2mi oh my lord love you amen. .
06 Jul 2015 ohh. God m getting sick of my failures i know this was my fault but still praying u to help me coz my family situation. plz God
06 Jul 2015 my god iam in vist visa dubai looking job iam a chef .please give me good job help me god 00971567428440
06 Jul 2015 god please help me in getting transfer to bangalore or chennai in this week. very much feared what will happen
06 Jul 2015 Our father in heaven i need a job help me guide me to success job have marcy own me by interviwer
06 Jul 2015 help me
06 Jul 2015 jesus i sex feeling to womens her i see all sex feeling please help me jesus
06 Jul 2015 Lord i need a miracle

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