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Jan 22   make sanity a reality in the world again. (GOD)
Jan 22   Please god I pray that you give me help to change my life. I am not happy with my partner. He has mentally and emotionally hurt me for 13 years. I cannot bare a
Jan 22   God i love you
Jan 22   Dear god i have social anxiety. please help me
Jan 22   I need to sleep and dream again when i go to bed so i can take care of myself beter
Jan 22   god. please help me. .now end my life.
Jan 22   Hello (SMS)
Jan 22   God please walk into my life show me how I can be loved please send Gloria back to me If I every did wrong forgive me lord please forgive me
Jan 22   Dear God thank you very much for your help! Please make me able to transition and to be good in my job! I surrender and beg your mercy! Thank you!
Jan 22   Lord i am so much in need for money to pay all bills
Jan 22   GOD! May usa president Donald J Trump! be free from suffering! Lord! may Donald J Trump be at peace! god bless him & his famliy freinds colleague & all good peo
Jan 22   God thank you
Jan 22   Lord please let me do well at work. I need security please give me strength to get fit and strong. Please protect my family and friends xx
Jan 22   god pls help me to sale enrow 5 pcs please help me plssssss
Jan 22   End your life first! then i will enjoy mine more after! careful what u wish for! do u like women to act & look ugly.
Jan 22  
Jan 22   God i want to b the richer that tooo very soon
Jan 22   God u know what i want plz give me that
Jan 22   Please help me!!
Jan 22   God i thank u 4 keeping n protecting me pls my Lord make this day a good 1 4me nd help me solve my financial crisis amen
Jan 22   i want to sele 150 pc please help me god
Jan 22   God please help me to take a decision which will be good for me in my career pls guide me
Jan 22   Please speak (SMS)
Jan 22   Now (SMS)
Jan 22   God please give good health and wealth to my please help me you God.
Jan 22   please help me become a better person in your eyes
Jan 22   hey god plz help me to overcome my adverse karma.
Jan 22   Dear God please forgive me and relieve from this debt. Have seen the futility of it all and the hurt and pain it causes. Thank yiu for the lessons will be gra
Jan 22   please heal my relationship with Diana. . bring us back together soon.
Jan 22   God shut these stupid people up! If u hate minorities & females. Do the world a favor & end your life. So u want c or hear it again. Thank u
Jan 22   Hello Sent free from TextNow (SMS)
Jan 22   God Sent free from TextNow (SMS)
Jan 22   God if you get this please text me back. I have some questions for you. The first and if you get this please text me back but how did the Edmund Fitzgerald sink Sent free from TextNow (SMS)
Jan 22   A hi (SMS)
Jan 22   dear god. Please help me my dad was stroke his right arm and leg can t walk. Please god give drug magic c his body better.
Jan 22   Please help and bless V grant her health and happiness always and guide her in all her decisions. Please bless K and L richly for their kindness to me.
Jan 21   please god help take away my demons and health pray love love health wealth and to help me strenght a sinner
Jan 21   Please end all human trafficking and the sex trade. Help bless and heal the victims.
Jan 21   Dear God i love you so much and i hope you can read this. . . . i will always think about you inside my mind and will never forget you
Jan 21   8j ymg0k (SMS)
Jan 21   Prsy the heat is still on (SMS)
Jan 21   Hello God I know you love me I am a good man so I ask you to please help me overcome my depression and struggle with life. Amen.
Jan 21   thank you dear God for hearing our prayers. For being with us and protecting our family every single moment wherever they are.
Jan 21   Please soften my friend s heart and end her anger towards me and please have her contact me. I love you God.
Jan 21   Please gob
Jan 21   Dear Lord please help me let me out of this poverty. I don t know how to pay bills. in the name of Christ Amen.
Jan 21   God please help me NOT to feel scared and Lonely at night when I sleep. God please I beg you to send your son Jesus so I can receive forgiveness. I want a hug
Jan 21   i would like to marrage.
Jan 21   God I put the brain with no soul don t exist
Jan 21   Hi is this god (SMS)
Jan 21   Lon it says it is your nuber (SMS)
Jan 21   Pray Stacey pd tonite n get my mail (SMS)
Jan 21   God what you did. disspointment please help me please it s last time
Jan 21   Dear God in Jesus name help me stop being so so sad. Why is my son so mad at me I m just so scared
Jan 21   Dear god father please forgive me and my family for all sins and please save father please solve my problems in carrier family s life personal and all ov
Jan 21   Add me on Airtime! username (SMS)
Jan 21   I love u god this is kiya lord (SMS)
Jan 21   Can u see the text i give u lord yes or no please text back lord (SMS)
Jan 21   We love you God we hope you answer the phone (SMS)
Jan 21   God is your defender. Tell the landlord the truth and do not fear his or her reply. (SMS)
Jan 21   You are much stronger than you think or believe. Even though we cannot see God. The more we depend on him as our source the more we are able to physically and emotionally handle. (SMS)
Jan 21   Prsy peace quite (SMS)
Jan 21   Pray the heat stay on (SMS)
Jan 21   Oh lord darn evil ppl next door is shooting bee bees at my cats and my windows. they dont have god or love in there heart.
Jan 21   make the world a safer & saner place to live! usa mr president trump! end #whitegenocide work with mr putin & Philippino leader to end evilness.
Jan 21   Anahi I am he! u must go forth into the world & do your best to expose evil in the world! end feminism end child abuse teach sanity to your peopel protect youn
Jan 21   please i need your help things are not good
Jan 21   Hi (SMS)
Jan 21   Pray for peace n quite n no hell raisin (SMS)
Jan 21   dear God woman in apt 4 her boyfriend in blue bicycle and Admin apt 9 are getting more corrupt than ever. send help involving light company officia
Jan 21   A wish to burn down the white house! how many kabalalah old people s homes & sinnergogs will be raised to the ground when prayer returns to u feminism.
Jan 21   where r u going feminism! goin 2 burn down the white house r we. w*e being *women enriched* hows rocko & your bushy eye browed daughter
Jan 21   bloated old spotty hag
Jan 21   GOD! guide & protect good honest white men to be nobel honest strong & patient! teaching our beautiful women away from feminism guiding them back to loving stro
Jan 21   God are you there its me anahi (SMS)
Jan 21   God (SMS)
Jan 21   Is this god (SMS)
Jan 21   Hi (SMS)
Jan 21   LEAD ME GENTLY HOME FATHER! johnny cash u tube. inspire me jesus bringer of everlasting life! return this earth to sanity thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jan 21   Please bless her and her dad and her family.
Jan 21   lord give me wisdom to find a job soon
Jan 21   I know who u are! do a good job be strong! be a good honest uncompromising leader & ruler! be our father. God bless usa.
Jan 21   Find Pinky plece (SMS)
Jan 21   Hello who is this (SMS)
Jan 21   oh thank you heavenly father (SMS)
Jan 21   Prsy my face stop being dry (SMS)
Jan 21   Prsy (SMS)
Jan 21   Prsy Stacey give me tonite (SMS)
Jan 21   GOD! let the uk be blessed with a putin or a trump! thanks you jesus bringer of everlasting life help us make uk great again.
Jan 21   Hi God I gusse you already know who I am and all so I guess I can skip the intro. I love you a lot.
Jan 21   qilldekuntnow
Jan 21   protect & keep safe usa president trump & his beautiful white famliy! protect Russian president mr putin & his beautiful white famliy keep them all safe too in
Jan 21   Please help bless and heal Carrielyn and the other people mentioned here regularly. Please help and bless V grant her health and happiness always and guide her
Jan 21   those women protesting against usa president trump! r protesting because he is pro white he love his famliy & has a beautiful wife they r envious very jealous u
Jan 21   Prsy we get heat soon (SMS)
Jan 21   Pray Terry was here (SMS)
Jan 21   Pray carrielyn get better (SMS)
Jan 21   Praise God for heat. Praise Him for all. God move thru Sarah s body and repair all that cause her physical pain and her mind of mental anguish. In Jesus holy name. Amen (SMS)
Jan 21   Praise god we have heat (SMS)

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