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  21 Nov 2014 14:53 PST Dear God , my name is Abygale casy and I want you to tell my grandad that I miss him very much because I love him and I can't stand it to be away with him . Ple
21 Nov 2014 14:44 PST From GOD:You may know now,what is the score is!!Please help others to improve your score and get whatever you want and some bonuses Moksha!!
21 Nov 2014 14:42 PST From GOD: All your expectations are validated by your marks which will be calculated by considering your past and present activities.
21 Nov 2014 14:39 PST From GOD:Human souls are filled by the humans do not expect anything,then he/she will become the person who attain sudhi and lots
21 Nov 2014 14:36 PST From GOD:Hai everyone,i am seeing lots of people want to have something for their just searched one line"Please help me god",it came into this site.
21 Nov 2014 14:32 PST Please, Lord . . . . .
21 Nov 2014 14:23 PST God, please show me the path you intend for me to take. Give me strength and courage.
21 Nov 2014 14:48 PST Pray I feel better (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 14:48 PST Favor stand out n shine (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 14:48 PST Pray healing for Carmen n Heidi all sickness illness go away (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 14:48 PST Pray cell stop acting up (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 14:48 PST Pray no cold draft at work or my house (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 14:48 PST Pray trash well be pick up sat n no one well mess with trash bags our side n pray the truth be revil n my nabors back off n stop making false accusation (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 14:04 PST God please always help me. Bless me. Protect me ftom enemies. Provide me happiest life and name and fame and prestige.
21 Nov 2014 14:04 PST Dear God, hear my pleas for help as I see no future but suicide for me to be happy from the clutches of the evil ones on this earth.
21 Nov 2014 13:50 PST Lord God please help me win tue lottery tomorrow, I really need a financial breakthrough. Amen
21 Nov 2014 13:45 PST Oh god please bless me to win the jackpot rs 73 million rupee of loto of 22th november 2014 of mauritius
21 Nov 2014 13:44 PST let reza find a good plane ticket this weekend please i want it for him and me
21 Nov 2014 13:29 PST 2014 What a tough year I have never been so happy so see a year come and go as I am to see 2014 leave. This year has been one of the of the toughest years that
21 Nov 2014 12:57 PST please help me reach my dreams reizel i need and work for it
21 Nov 2014 12:14 PST please father I am poor. I want laptop for further study. I have no father&mother. address:- madan suthar s/o umaram suthar infront of rest house sandera
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray no freezing rain (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Praised god got my foodstamps this month (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray Stace my x start paying me 250 biweekly n help n after PD layaway (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Praised god sun out (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray I work sat 230pm n to 1030pm sat n wed next week (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Hate when no one leave message on voicemail when they call; ( (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray Nathan got on purple (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray no more winter storms (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray Stace Heidi Nathan Judy Carrie breakthrough fianically (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Pray my cell stop acting up (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 11:28 PST Please Father help my family.
21 Nov 2014 11:25 PST God. . .! plzzzzzzzz help me in this killing situation. ! i know u can do everything. .so plzzzz do any miracle nd change my life be with my mom. . plzz god plz
21 Nov 2014 11:48 PST Please pray for my mom and her friend today thanks (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 11:48 PST Join (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 10:52 PST God!!!!Help me come out of this mess soon. pls. give me a new interesting task in my life
21 Nov 2014 10:47 PST i dont want to live. plz end this. giv me power to kill myself
21 Nov 2014 10:39 PST dr god pls touch save ma helth
21 Nov 2014 10:16 PST Please dear angels help me release the old so that i can welcome the New in my life . .
21 Nov 2014 10:15 PST please god save our marrage, I miss my wife so much God
21 Nov 2014 10:48 PST Lord jesus I love you so much please be with my mom today in jesus name (SMS)
21 Nov 2014 09:56 PST Lord. Be with me on my darkest days:( Guide me
21 Nov 2014 09:40 PST Please God, send Chris Del Monte before I leave so I can receive a hug. I really like his hugs. . sadly.
21 Nov 2014 09:23 PST god i thank you for being there for me pray for me i need you in my life bless my home and keep my family &friends safe and i,m asking you to help me in life
21 Nov 2014 09:22 PST Dear God, he let me go without fighting for us. Please help me move on
21 Nov 2014 08:58 PST oh god help. me
21 Nov 2014 08:57 PST Dear God, please help!
21 Nov 2014 08:39 PST Thank You God For All Your Blessings. I Love This Site being close with People Like me.
21 Nov 2014 08:37 PST God please save me . . i need UR help

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