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Nov 27   Dear God I am lost and broken. Please shed some light
Nov 27   god please mote nija putra bhabe swikar karantu
Nov 27   My mom is always mad at me. Help me
Nov 27   lord please help me. . i need money please give it to me.
Nov 27   God please help me today i need financial assistance from offer it to you you Lord. 639177637411 weng
Nov 27   dear god
Nov 27   God please help me to find a job in albany ga making 50K annually so that I can support
Nov 27   I will ask me Lord to save me from Hell Fire Make my and my family life pleasant and free from worries in this world and hereafter and give me enough money
Nov 27   Pray I get a job soon close to home or close to home
Nov 27   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Nov 27   please lord my husband is facing lot of are urgently in need of help us lord.
Nov 27   Please find a way for me to die
Nov 27   What the f
Nov 27   Dear Gid pls forgive me and release me from this pain that m going through i reli need to be happy again. .please God hear my cry
Nov 27   Thank you God for everything
Nov 27   my life is in between Pls judge soon. .
Nov 27   Hey God Which one can i choose . . To whom to belive . Dubai Job or Canada Job please Judge soon . .
Nov 27   plz god help me give me my love back
Nov 27   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Nov 27   Dear god please help me grow out of slobering issues wether day or dusk please deliver me out of trouble because i love you lord jesus of nazareth amen.
Nov 27   Dear God in Jesus name thank you for a really good Thanksgiving day yesterday and Thank you for all the prayers you have answered.
Nov 27   First of all thank you so mch to make me a part of this lovely world and my family. Love you so much God. Please blessing me and help me to clear diploma exam
Nov 27   plz god help me qualifying the coming GATE exam
Nov 27   I wish for ninos behavior to be excellent for my moms health to be good and my problem with tenants to get resolved
Nov 27   God help me to be content and grow into the woman i want to be. A woman who is responsible a woman who is driven a woman who knows her worth.
Nov 27   Dear God please help me
Nov 27   Pray my mom stop being nasty n mean (SMS)
Nov 27   Soften Judy heart n let Heidi work anytime n get Nathan for her (SMS)
Nov 27   Wish my throat stop bother me it hurts (SMS)
Nov 27   Lord Bless me with wisdom to know you better
Nov 27   Dear Abba Father I honestly ask for your forgiveness for my grievous help me you are the only one that can save
Nov 27   Heavenly father please help me i urgently need finacial freedom my wedding is closer i dont see a way out its goo when people help but i would like to do thing
Nov 27   oh god please talk to me once i want to share you many things and bless my daughter and give my husband to me and cancel my divorce please change him
Nov 27   God thank for blessing me so I can be a blessing to others Lord
Nov 27   dear god should i marry her
Nov 27   God please send me 100 000 to get out of debt. Please I am so scared that I can t sleep at night
Nov 27   God I Thank you for life and second chances. Lord i am ready to go back to work please bless me with a job God.
Nov 27   God thank you for all your blessings. . am calling on you to come in my situation show me the way and open this job door .please Dad.
Nov 27   Can I be forgiving again
Nov 27   let me love her again
Nov 27   I m not feeling as healthy as I use too I feel something is wrong please heal me lord but my mother before me I thank you lord I know you will take care of us
Nov 27   help my mother recover to good health I don t want her to have kidney stones please don t take her away from me not now lord not how I want to spend my bday
Nov 27   God i am at a very critical situation plz god help me. plz
Nov 27   Jesus I m feeling insecure because my husband betrayed me. I wnt justice you know everything. Please let my husband come to know the truth.
Nov 27   Jesus Christ I know and believe you re real and have come in the flesh. I ask you now to please save me and rapture me!
Nov 27   Please make me mentally stable again and please help me ship yuufuu again please give me back the hype!
Nov 27   please god help me please it now in your hands only
Nov 27   hay maiya laxmi hay dhan daulat devi Mata laxmi hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa. .
Nov 27   God i need money or any means to cover it here at my job by today please!!
Nov 27   God i kneel down be for you to ask for your blessings and to take me out of ths things am passing through including in my job giv me a chance were i can recove
Nov 27   Hello God. Help me at a time. Continue much problems Received. Thanks. Sukhveer
Nov 27   help me send him back please do miracles
Nov 27   Dear God I want my mud bath to be special by bathing inside a wide and big and thick creamy mud bath spa pool to my waist level.
Nov 26   Aum Namah Shivay! You know the hell I m going through please help me!
Nov 26   I pray for good reams and restful sleep tonight hevenlym dreams
Nov 26   ng ina mong diyos ka pera pera ka din naman eh! wag mo sabihin diyos ka di dadating araw mo! tang ina mo tandaan mo yan pweh1
Nov 26   Dear God just wanted to say you hi you know when someone needs to write to you about The Holy Spirit possession is the best possession anyone could ever ask for
Nov 26   My lord thanks for everything my lord bless my family and my job make this new month be a great one. Thanks my lord
Nov 26   Jesus please help me. . amen
Nov 26   Dear God I am lost and broken. Please shed some light
Nov 26   .
Nov 26   Help my pup muffin please
Nov 26   Please keep the chemicals in my brain balanced and healthy & help me be yuufuu af again please.
Nov 26   God I m crying! Please give me something to be thankful for. Bring my wife Eva back to me. Reunite us! Please!
Nov 26   Hi father
Nov 26   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Nov 26   Please send me into labor !
Nov 26   thank you !
Nov 26   plz god just give me one last chance to make everything all right plz
Nov 26   Please God help me I need money and I want buy Christmas tree and shopping Xmas gift to my daughter and grandson then but I don t have sofa sit .
Nov 26   Thank you God for another day blessing me Please continue to help and bless will be Jesus name okay let day be The christening day in Jesus mighty name anem.
Nov 26   God thank you for all my blessings you ve given me. You know my heart and my struggles. I know I m in your hands but please help me in this time of need.
Nov 26   Make me mentally stable and yuufuu af again please
Nov 26   Baba ji please save my marriage plzzzz. .i just want to live with him happily like other married god help me plzzzz
Nov 26   kadavulae enna kapathuga kadavulae
Nov 26   Please help my family
Nov 26   suck my ass
Nov 26   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Nov 26   God please reunite and reconcile my wife Eva and I back together soon. Rescue our marriage please! Save this love story! Thank You!
Nov 26   Please give me back my obsessive romantic shipping feelings for YuuFuu please
Nov 26   Dear God please have mercy on me I beg for your blessings despite of my sins wich I never meant to commit in the past 10 years of my life so Please forgive me.
Nov 26   Dear god please let him love me
Nov 26   dear god will you help me and bring positivity in my life and miracles so that my pryers to witch i send you will come true Thank You
Nov 26   i just wanna be yuufuu af again please
Nov 26   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Nov 26   Thank you God for another day blessing me. Please continue to help and bless will be Jesus name.
Nov 26   Hay maiya laxmi ji yaha ke bhakt ke manokamna suin t lu ki duwa hay hay mata hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay mata. .
Nov 26   3days to go. Am about to vanish from this world. Plz make it peacefully
Nov 26   god please help me i mite for you
Nov 26   Thank you! I love you! Will you bless me with my own baby
Nov 26   Hay vishnu dharni mata laxmi hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du maa. .
Nov 26   ho god plz meri ye wish pouri kardo i love someone nd i want to get married with him but dad i dnt kno y he s saying no plz kuch aisa magic kardo ke dad humari
Nov 26   dear god please help me im hat my life where are going to my life pls help plz plz plz
Nov 26   Please get her to eat again!!!!!!!
Nov 26   please make me yuufuu af again
Nov 26   Hay devi maa hay laxmi mata yaha ke beta bahut din se duwa magai hai siun lu pukar hay mata hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du mata. .
Nov 26   Please bless my family! Forgive me for all the bad I have done. Please don t let those whom I love suffer for all the bad things that I have dine forgive me !
Nov 26   my lord thanks for the good things in my life save my princess soul thanks my lord
Nov 26   god swear on god that you will send my papa back to me and again my family will be a happy family of 5embers my papa my mumma my brother e and sam