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What if you could send a message to God? What would you say? What would you ask for? If people from all over the world are writing messages here, God just might take notice. Don't miss your opportunity to send your own message to Him.

May 04   Hey God it s me again just wanted say I opened a wikipedia page of the satanic bible plz forgive because yes ok thank you say Hi to jebeebus for me and jesu
May 04   plz call me to heaven i dont want to live here on earth i feel alone you know but when you take me to heaven ill b with u and jesus
May 04   Please help me with my finances. To be able to pay off my bills and buy ahome for my children. Thank you
May 04   please let me get the job at Geisinger
May 04   hey god save me from failing 2nd semester exam please pass ke on this exam i promise after good result i would read better
May 04   God please I need to hear from Barrett today. I miss him so much. Please God. In Jesus name Anen.
May 04   Pls help me my wife back to my life and save marraige and i want all family together love and joyful pls help me
May 04   help meeeeee with science class
May 04   har chizz dil par lagti hai aab kitni bezaati karaoge help nai mang raha hu khudd kar lunga thiik hai par dil par de do iss bezatti ko adat mat banne do papa k
May 04   yourself I m Satan
May 04   god meri madd karo aap sab jante ho ashu abhi ki coaching ke liye nonu ki posting jaroori hai help me jaldee javab bhegna aap ki beti kiran
May 04   God help my aunt to success the throat operation.
May 04   How do you pass A levels. Need Halp m9. Oh and please send that guy a new goat ) thnx
May 04   Father please help me eliminate my loans this month. I never want another loan. Ever.
May 04   Great Spirit please have mercy upon me. Please send me a money blessing. So I can pay my bills & help my family. Ive suffered for 6 months. Please help me. AMEN
May 04   Dear God i believe in make everyone in the world to be healthy wealthy and on this universe should be full of fortunes
May 04   Bless mejesus. i need a design job.
May 04   Dear God in Jesus name I can t stiop crying. I think my friend is obcessed with his teenage student
May 04   god please do everything normal in our life
May 04   Can you please make Alondra Rayo not tell on me for hitting her please
May 04   Hope to fine cheap intern (SMS)
May 04   Pray Judy stop going through my stuff n stealin (SMS)
May 04   Pray my ceiling don t leak (SMS)
May 04   Pray we get hot water soon (SMS)
May 04   please dear Lord forgive all the sins that are hindering my progress oh merciful Jehovah iam in too much debt and my creditors are on my neck and I don t have
May 04   Plz help me my goat died
May 04   Dear lord Heavenly father I come to you today to ask you to please help pick me and my wife up and give us a boost towards having the things in life we desire
May 04   I am confident my message has reached you my lord and I am fully confident j will help me god
May 04   Dear God in Jesus name please let me feel good today and not have any physical problems
May 04   plz help me god i am waiting for u
May 04   Wish my period go away (SMS)
May 04   God you know that I m jobless for the 5 months. I have been applying for jobs but every time I get rejected. Before I tell you my problems you know everything.
May 04   help me lord let him marry other girl
May 04   God why!
May 04   god please make my wish true that is what i am wishing now
May 04   Help me iam disturbed. .feeling emotional
May 04   please harshveer jain comes in my life as my life partner . . he don t knows who i am . plz bring him in my life
May 04   oh god please clear my financial problems it is to difficult to facing my days please save me god thanks
May 04   Dear God in Jesus name please watch over and protect my son my daughter my grandson my friend and me. Please keep us all safe.
May 04   I am friendless bless me with good friends please
May 04   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
May 04   Lord . . sorry po. . please help me
May 04   Wish I felt better (SMS)
May 04   Please help Indians to tackle Umemployment Problem
May 04   Dear jesus
May 04   Thank u god thank u for showing mercy .bless me .help me dear need u
May 04   Dear God please help with everything Thank You God.
May 04   please god give me friends back
May 04   God please help me today. I need your help.
May 04   Please God tell my dad to let me play football for sebas
May 04   please come online jaan
May 04   Pray my period go away (SMS)
May 04   Pray we don t have to moved out in June pray we can live here n pray God soften Terry heart n accept a month from us (SMS)
May 04   Pray we don t have to moved out in June pray we can live here n pray God soften Terry heart n accept a month from us (SMS)
May 04   my wife has report coming today for breast cancer suspected I need negative result to be turned out as a benign my lord this is my first letter to you god
May 04   restore and elevate me
May 04   God please help me in this time of loneliness and sorrow nothing seems to be going right for me at the minute please remove any hexs or jinxs that have been mad
May 04   Give my husband long healthy and happy life and me to
May 04   I love Lavanya and want her to be my Life partner. Please bless me with her in my life. Regards Raghu Mashetty
May 04   I keep praying. I know its the 5th. Amen Jesus
May 04   Can you please make me smarter please
May 04   God thank you
May 04   plz god help me. . plzz
May 04   Dear god i am asking to realease and heal all tha darkness of ignorance fear you for making my life remove from guilt
May 04   God please answer my prayers always
May 04   God help me u hv no money i spent my money in poor pepoples.
May 04   Lord im facing so many problems which u know well pls help me to overcome all troubles and enemies. Our home cry out to you help me lord pls forgive my sins a
May 04   please help me now I am facing financial problems and also get me god blessing in my home
May 04   father pleae help my mother wth demetia and help me make the right choices for her
May 04   dear god i need peaceful mind
May 04   Dear God Am I good Am I doing okay Am I on the right path I feel so lost. Please come and speak to me.
May 04   Dear God youve done so much for me. so so much and i dontvlike the fact that i know what to do but just keep confusing myself. im tired but you said yoi would l
May 04   Thank you for my full miraus healing i feel so alive
May 04   Please help me god
May 04   O My God My age is 38 years I have no permanent Job . . God Please help me Daily my heart is broken i have two little kids please save them. Please be me Str
May 04   Father look at all who cry out to you. Give them hope and the righteous desires of their hearts. Let them share the joy of their blessings. In the name of Jesu
May 04   Dear God please help in work place and at home and make me strong in financial. .
May 04   God I need you please
May 04   God u have to u just have to get me and my family to USA this year. Otherwise we re gonna be stuck here forever and that s not fair to any of us. And u know
May 04   Father God I come to you in the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ who died for me so that the chains I am struggling with will be defied. Lord I am asking that yo
May 04   I need a job
May 04   i want to get good marks in my public examination please help me god
May 04   Good morning God. I do not know how you manage to get it. We always need your help more and more.
May 04   Thank u help me to lead a happy life.
May 04   dear god i need lots of money
May 04   please look up me God
May 04   I still want my chance my shot my win. Thank you.
May 04   Please . . help me. . i need a money and professional developer life
May 04   dearest God please help me god I and my friend are going out in search for a job please god please give us a good job and permanent visa please gid please help
May 04   Good lord my mother is make her fit and fine.
May 04   Lord. please po. help me po lord. .
May 04   Lord help me in my job
May 04   Please help me God. Please
May 04   god i m requesting you please save me. otherwise i will die. i need financial help i m help lesstotally. pplease save me.
May 04   god please select anbumani as chief minister of tamil nadu 2016
May 04   Dear god make me a good person becuse my mind is really dirty.
May 04   God please give me peace of mind coz i have nothing.
May 04   Dear God please help me with my homework I have an IQ of 2
May 04   Please make other people happy.

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