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May 31   Wagwan bruv
May 31   Lord sorry po. . please help me lord. . .
May 31   Plzzzz plzzz god g mere help krna so that i can give my 100% in tomorrow s exam. please. !
May 31   please give a good govt. job in june 2016
May 31   God help me find the way please
May 31   Dear father please help me to complete my degree without history of arrears. I believe in your miracles. Otherwise please take my life. God please fulfill
May 31   Hay jagat kalayani maiya laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maa suin hamar ma ke baa hay laxmi mata hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa. .
May 31   Hay dhan ke devi maa laxmi hay karuna dharni maa laxmi hamra per daya kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa. .
May 31   Dear God please help my children to get through their exam with good number of marks
May 31   Be with me always god
May 31   lolkden
May 31   Dear God I just wanted to ask you whether I could lend permission to up in heaven by white taxi coming for me by 6 00 pm beacause I need to meet someone importa
May 31   god please help me am in deep trouble please forgive me and help me. i dont have any other support only you can solve my problem please help me
May 31   Dear god please help me
May 31   Vicki! be strong! you & dave! might have to stay apart! you may one day still remain friends! be strong! for your kids! bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx
May 31   Pray my mom stop going through my purse safe n stop stealing heidi clothes (SMS)
May 31   Pray my mom stop going through my purse safe n stop stealing heidi clothes makeup n pills (SMS)
May 31   marina! get it checked out! hand it over to a medical person! your faith keeps you from going mad! hang on in there! hope u feel better soon xxxxcxxxcxxxxxx xxxx
May 31   God mujhe kuch ho gaya hey thik kar do or loan dilwado bas or kuch ni chahiye
May 31   Jai Hanuman! Are you listening to me. Please remove all my pain. Cannot bear this. Save my marriage my Lord
May 31   I want to take science in school but i took commerce instead because i was finding physics hard and did not want risk my life cause im in 9th and i need to tak
May 31   Dear God heal me completely please dear friends please pray for me thank you Love you.
May 31   help me
May 31   Please God may we win Mega Millions lotto tonight so we can move and see family and not work 7 days per week and go to the dentist and doctor. Amen
May 31   ho god help me you know everything iam facing now. make me better and better everyday.
May 31   God give me the strength to accept reality. Be with me and give a peace and security wherever i go. Amen
May 31   hello mr trump! when or if you ever become president of usa! wiil you end white genocide! get rid of those neocons! you surround your self around! thank you
May 31   Please sai baba g mere brother ko pass krva do uska future khtm ho jayega aur please god mere papa ka sara loan jitna b unhone logo ka ya bank walo ka dena hai
May 31   Help me providing good job in mnc company
May 31   Bless me jesus. . help me. .
May 31   Pray Judy Pd gas n electric bill n half rent with Heidi (SMS)
May 31   Pray intenet was working better (SMS)
May 31   Pray Judy Pd gas n electric bill n half rent with Heidi (SMS)
May 31   Please can you let King give me a second chance please let him contact me thank you
May 31   I pray that god hears my deepest wishes and desires. i ask for good change in my life and grow from strength to strength
May 31   GOD please help me difficult time. All known to you
May 31   god need help now love you
May 31   Pray I get to go back to work this week (SMS)
May 31   Pray Terry don t come over n pray if he does he leave us be (SMS)
May 31   And Jesus looking upon them saith With men it is impossible but not with God for with God all things are possible. Mark 10 27 (SMS)
May 31   Pray no hot flashes (SMS)
May 31   God how you doing i love you god please help me help us move to boyton beach thank you god
May 31   Please lord help dave find his way back 2 us i love him so. I sm worried about him . We love and need him so much! Please God hear my prayer !amen
May 31   Please god let my baby be in my belly still
May 31   Dear God in Jesus name please make all my spasms. numbness tingling pain stop and please help my spine problem get better
May 31   Tanhgb iuna mo!
May 31   Oh god. Please get me a seat in srm. I dont want to loose it . .Please
May 31   Prey my mom feel better n stop being mean n she still giving me attitude n not taking (SMS)
May 31   god please give me right direction to think.
May 31   God im hopeless and depressed I have been struggling to get a job for a year now applying with no me dear God
May 31   I knw I have wronged u and dnt deserve u lord but deep inside my heart I love u so knw that I have made mistakes and now am homeless. I feel like committ
May 31   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
May 31   Dear God in Jesus name please watch over my son my daughter my grandson my friend and me. Please be with us and keep us all safe.
May 31   hey shiv ji hey bholenath ji I have been crying for 4 or 5 years you kno
May 31   Dear god please help my mum and brother please help my brother to find the right way mum is sick for my bro. Please help us
May 31   God please pass me I am giving my best but I am so sacred about my it s request pass me this year I want to go in 3rd year I am frustrate please
May 31   God thank you
May 31   please save me God. .please
May 31   help me god
May 31   please pass me god. I am very dont know what will be my result but i am giving my 100%.please dont disappoint hope you will help pass me
May 31   Hey i would love a longer term creative gig.
May 31   God!!! Please please help me. I am dying minute by minute. Pls meri transfer karwa do Yahan se pls
May 31   God please give me more holidays. Im still not ready. Postpone the reopening day to next week. Please help all the children. Amen
May 31   Dear god
May 31   God pls save me from this critical situation. Pls boost up my confidence. Otherwise I will commit suicide.
May 31   Dear God pls help our team and project to get through these tough times. May you bless todays meeting of CEO with Cabinet Secretary for positive outcome for all
May 31   Father god I am here to ask your help that you provide me a good paying permanent job so that I can help to my family. Please help me
May 31   Cyka blyat let s rush B!
May 31   Basura ng ina mo magpakasaya ka ha tang ina ka sinusumpa ko babalikan kita tang ina ka magsasama sama kayo ng mga alaga mong basura diyan s langit hinding h
May 31   please dear lord forgive me for any wrongs. Please dear lord make things right
May 31   hey bro urcool v
May 31   Lord . please po. help me. sorry po lord. .
May 31   What should i do in love to a ladies cHild hoo friend
May 31   Good morning God. Please help us to make this world a better place. Quickly please.
May 31   How come you idiots type your wish here digusting! Speak to Jesus through your heart not through internet fools and what wiahes you have I wish i will have mon
May 31   thank you dad for the gift of life. . am in tears as i write this we really need a place to stay abba father. . we can t see a way but we trust you dad.
May 31   dear god i m going to die. please save me. no one want to support me. please help or give me way for suside.
May 31   Father the lady really planed & fight with us at last she told me i will give a complaint even i told i lodge a complaint father give her a good lesson but dont
May 31   Jesus tolong meh aku jampat ulih meli rumah ngambi aku ulih ngambi uduk aku ba kebun pulai. arap nuance Jesus meri pengasih ngagai aku
May 31   Dear god make my parents healthy and happy.
May 31   Hello God thanks for your guidance and protection. Please give me confidence in myself and help me do well in my business. Thank you.
May 31   God please excuse me all my past mistake now me to be fullof religious give me power to seva dharma
May 31   God!!!!! Please transfer me from this bad office & from this bad supdt. Mujhe aap pls transfer kar do Yahan se pls.
May 31   I love you god
May 31   I pray with all my heart that my wife does not have beat cancer she had 25% of her beat removed a couple years ago just now found something and I m panicking oh
May 31   god please grant me my heart s desires n let big financial break through come my way n keep us in good health in Jesus name starting now Amen
May 31   Aum namah Shivay! Please make my life peaceful!
May 31   My Lord Jesus help who non stop prayer for your aid. they don t know where to channelled their burden like me too. only you can save us. Amen
May 31   Maa laxmi ji ki jay ho hay maiya laxmi hamra per daya karu hay maa hamar duwa kabul kake hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay maa. .
May 31   Dear God in Jesus name thank you for a great day with my son and his girlfriend. Please help me sleep well and have no bad breathing no coughing and no spasms
May 31   Please god change my life help me please god i need money please help me god
May 31   I hope i never have to have any chemo therapy at all being i am worried that i have breast cancer that my right breast doesn t look good at all!! amen from
May 30   place god help me
May 31   Pray carrielyn relax n go to bed (SMS)
May 30   god please help me change my life& death my life
May 30   Dear god hear my prayer protect us all and forgive us all for the bad things we have done. Tell sebastian happy birthday and that we miss him. Amen
May 30   God please grant my wish today. Please i beg you. Amen
May 30   On Namah Shivaya. Please help me my lord. Remove my all pain and give me love peace and joy in my life. Please Lord Shiva help me to get mu family back.
May 30   please god make sure that my ex doesn t come to my school I don t think I can take it with this insane anxiety that I have please help me out

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