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Mar 20   Jesus please save me. Please help me jesus. always be with me jesus. Bless me with sound health and happiness. Make me feel happy ever. I need a private home fo
Mar 20   Dear Lord please touch these peoples lives.
Mar 20   This prayer your about to pray is not a joke is the truth felt prayer that god our heavenly father has been asking me with your okay I am the Lightning Bird At
Mar 20   Yeah uh god well u know who I am and just please help me with going insain and freaking out going into a stupid mental breakdown everytime I talk to my friend b
Mar 20   Hey god hows it goin id really love to talk bout some stuff with u plus I seriously want to say hi and I love u do death please text my phone lol ur god uk what
Mar 20   god i really wish i had a female partner in life that would be with me for a very long time who will help me make myself into everything i want to become who
Mar 20   Dear God Jesus ji please help me save me please blessing me my family always I need you all time please amen thanks god pl mere privar m ma bap bhai bahan k jhu
Mar 20   Lord salamat po sa inyo Lord patawarin nyo po ako sa mga kasalanan nagawa ko sa inyo at sa kapwa ko. Lord Tulugan nyo po ako maayos yung mga so ng bata at pag
Mar 20   Hello father
Mar 20   Jesus! Pls watchover Marcus and protect him from evil mama! Give him wisdom to cope daily! Amen
Mar 20   Dear God please help people all over the world and me and forgive me please thank you so much for your blessings I love you and people all over the world
Mar 20   Dear god thank u and sry thank u for everything and sry for our and sins plz forgive us and god most imp plz take care of all my loved once frm any ha
Mar 20   Your holy lord make me live
Mar 20   Please help.
Mar 20   stop testing me god. just for you to win. coz u hav an upper hand. i am all alone
Mar 20   Dear God please heal my skin issues
Mar 20   God plz give me ur blessing and my love my aunushka
Mar 20   Please please please god let me not get in trouble for playing fortnite in social studies
Mar 20   God why u doing this to me. . .plz help me plz.
Mar 20   Dear God in Jesus name please please help me through the sleep test tonite. Please be with me. Thank you
Mar 20   love you god
Mar 20   My God I am requesting for your not accept my know what Fridah is planing and you know my you have decided to let me live alone
Mar 20   Dear god please help me Lord please awaken my husband s consciousness heart and soul to realise how much I love him. Please don t him do anymore sins.
Mar 20   Dear Lord Can I please have a snow day tomorrow. I have been really good this year. From Cole Hayes
Mar 20   God please help me. Tomorrow is my interview please be with be. Please the result should be positive. I need thia job .please god help me.
Mar 20   God plese help me. please
Mar 20   Dear God in Jesus name please please make the snow totals keep going down so my daughter can go to her doctor appt. she needs her medicine . Thank you
Mar 20   Jesus please help me. Amen
Mar 20   Hlp me God to pass the coming exam.
Mar 20   God help me to pass the coming exam and need that job. plz hlp will all the offerings i made. sory for delay
Mar 20   Help me god. I did no mistake. Why being so angry with me all the time
Mar 20   Physical body restorations and lottery jackpot today. Counting on You! A M E N
Mar 20   where you at bro
Mar 20   plz help me get through my tests this week
Mar 20   Pleas pray I do well today at my new job I need to make a good impression
Mar 20   God please help me. . my love is getting married. . I can t do nothing.
Mar 20   Pleass pray Carrielynn skin clear up n no rash heat rash or sore n stop itchy Pray Nathan Get Home safety
Mar 20   God I swear no more pushing any or touching the cursor after I send a message with bad content
Mar 20   help me God
Mar 20   Dear God in Jesus name please help my daughters back heal quickly
Mar 20   Thank god
Mar 20   Dear God in Jesus name please help my daughter get an appointment to get her medicine
Mar 20   God please forgive my sins. Please have mercy grant my prayers amen
Mar 20   Please let Miriam s dental appointment go well. Please also let Sarah s operation be successful. Thankyou o Lord
Mar 20   God thank you for everything you have done for me and please forgive me for all my sins. Come into my heart and do to me as you will. I surrender my entire sel
Mar 20   Pleass pray Jane can meet up with me at school soon
Mar 20   Father Lord my God I strongly believe pls I beg you to give me a last chance . Pls help me through this situation pls give me back all I lost ls in Jesus Christ
Mar 20   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Mar 20   Dear God please have my loved ones in Heaven spiritually visit me outside my bedroom window. I miss them. Amen
Mar 20   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Mar 20   Dear God in Jesus name please please help me to calm down and get through my sleep test tonight without problems
Mar 20   i want meet you god
Mar 20   Dear God thank you for recovering dad s health. Please God grant the other prayers I am in great despair. Amen
Mar 20   Help me . please
Mar 20   Thank you my God for all your guidance and blessings in my life. I love you my God.
Mar 20   Dear God thank you for what you have given me. Please bless the poor the hungry the homeless the uneducated please protect them.
Mar 20   Pls lord
Mar 20   God thank you
Mar 20   Give me power Lord to overcome this period of hell.
Mar 20   Lord my God pls help me through this situation pls pls pls show me a way out Lord in Christ Jesus name. Amen Amen and Amen
Mar 20   God please give the best strength to my husband please give more money to my husband .Thanjs
Mar 20   Hey I m worried for myself. Please. . send help (a new paid gig new love)
Mar 20   God pls I beg u pls forgive me
Mar 20   ok god please convince my family to donate my body organ after my death
Mar 20   help me god plz i want to overcome my distraction. help
Mar 20   I m sorry how are you
Mar 20   hi whats up bro
Mar 20   Dear mother today i have a very important bio exam and i need to gte very high marks please please please help me please thanks for yest but please help me toda
Mar 20   God please give the best health and wealth to me and my
Mar 20   Jesus! Empower Marcus to cope with evil mama daily! Pls help him! Amen
Mar 20   Plz God help me I truly loved him. Plz get him back in my life. plz god
Mar 20   Dear God Please forgive me for my financial sins. I promise to be sincere disciplined humble and grateful for rescuing me and making me debt free while worki
Mar 20   God please make me have this ukw by Lexis and that we know each other forever we mentioned to be together
Mar 20   God please help me
Mar 20   Aum Namah Shivay! Please make my life peaceful!
Mar 20   Dear God in Jesus name please don t let it snow here on Thursday. My daughter has a very important appointment and needs her medication. Please hold off the sno
Mar 19   oi bro can you spare a durrie
Mar 19   I need your help God. I ve been praying for over a year please don t let me down.
Mar 19   I beg you God please get me selected in Xavier University Bhubaneswar for MBA. Please have mercy and save my life by getting me selected there. My life will be
Mar 19   Jesus please save me. Please help me jesus. always be with me jesus. Bless me with sound health and happiness. Make me feel happy ever. I need a private home fo
Mar 19   DEAR GOD thank you for wins on all lottery tickets i pray god will help me win jackpot i will help many people thank you god WA MELBOURNE thank you god
Mar 19   Hello all mighty . I pray that you hear me I pray that you hear the people who are suffering and send light to their souls.
Mar 19   Dear God please grant me the favor of a happy ending to my miserable life
Mar 19   Hey god you help me win lottery! thanks god ur a cool rockstar thanks!! - ) )
Mar 19   I need someone who loves me in my life I want a relationship please.
Mar 19   dear god please let the woman at work love me by me not forficng her
Mar 19   Pray bed bugs go away n I pray no one intefer with me working - Hours Tuesday
Mar 19   Dear lord in your many forms. may these broken nations find their weakness. May the men and women find the true path of life on Earth. Amen
Mar 19   Dear God in Jesus name please please don t let us get the snowstorm Thursday . Please my daughter has a very important MD appt
Mar 19   - hz
Mar 19   Jesus! help improve Marcus daily struggle cause by evil mama! Give him wisdom to cope! Amen
Mar 19   Pleass pray carriekyn feel better
Mar 19   Hello again thanks for the recent goddy help! I do appreciate that. Dear god please cure every kind of OCD in me and kill all the negetivity in me. Thank You!
Mar 19   Dear god im really sry for everything and thank u for everything plz plz protect my all loved once frm any harm and worries plz god take care of them protect th
Mar 19   Dear God Please. Please make my future partner confess his love as soon as possible. Make me realise that he is the one.
Mar 19   Lord lend me your carpentry skills. Thank you for steering me in the right direction.
Mar 19   Oh Lord Please help me to come out of Financial trouble and emotional loneliness
Mar 19   God i need you help Tell her that i miss her a lot tell her that i loved her
Mar 19   Pray the front n back Door was shut n not open n pray others in my building stop lieing n tell the truth

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