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Oct 08   Dear God please heal my broken heart and broken soul
Oct 08   Hi. Its me like you didnt know that !
Oct 08   Please pray that I dont have cold sores or herpies amen X
Oct 08   can u get me a dirtbike please
Oct 08   Lord please help me! i need to find a job quickly
Oct 08   god you are useless you probably ed Jesus in the ass while he ed mary no god would let people suffer like you do got
Oct 08   Please father have mercy on me for i know i have sinned come and direct my paths lead me lord i am wothless without me lord.
Oct 08   Ephesians 4 13 14 In Jesus Name I Pray God s Will for You Today I pray that your relationship with God will grow deep and strong. May you recognize the voic
Oct 08   2 Thessalonians 3 5 May the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God and into the steadfastness of Christ. (SMS)
Oct 08   God please help me please let me feel better please don t let me go through this anymore please please god bless me here me in Jesus name I pray
Oct 08   I want to say thank you God for everthing which you have done me and my family. God you know all my cirstances. Thank you for lead me from situation on me.
Oct 08   God am aware of my sins and pray u forgive me and make my life meaningful cos i feel like taking my life cos nothing is moving fine at home
Oct 08   dear father I don t know what s ur plan for career and future is upto know my burdens my needs my u for helping me all these .
Oct 08   God thank you for the miracles I am most humbled lord I cannot thank you enough
Oct 08   Hi god please forgive my sins I ve did mistakes in the past that I regret doing
Oct 08   hay rajaylaxmi mata hay bhishnudharni maa laxmi hamar duwa kabul kar hay maa hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du hay mata. .
Oct 08   thankyou so much. .for everything
Oct 08   Hi God its me the one who has let wicked in to her heart though you sent her to shed light . im so friggin lost right now God. . wierd huh please show me wha
Oct 08   God . .
Oct 08   Dear god please change my dad s behaviour. And please help my parents to do their duty properly.
Oct 08   Please pray that I dont have a cold sore or herpies
Oct 08   hay mata laxmi ji ki jay ho hay mata laxmi kaha xi yaha plz. hay maa hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du maa. .
Oct 08   Dear god i just recently gambled 400euro and i did so much wrong by doing that but could you please make that namibia wins Argentina Namibia in rugby
Oct 08   I love a girl so much but she now why doesn t give me much time as before and i don t know that may she loves me or not. plz god help me
Oct 08   hay bhagay devi maa laxmi ji hamar bhagay badail du hay maa hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du maa. .
Oct 08   jai jai kubar maharaj mujhe aap ka ashirbad chahiya kirpa kijiya kubar maharaj 7000000rupeya dijiya kripa kijiya bhagban. .
Oct 08   eat my waffle
Oct 08   Dear GOD accept my prayer & blesss me that before 31st dec 2015 i will be able to buy a new taki car operating Vallee des pretres & will be debtfree & will be a
Oct 08   nako re vait vagu mazuasi mi pn tuzach aahe nare kare asa vagto maze kay chukale he tari sang yar plez i want her deva plez
Oct 08   kare deva ples yar mala nahi re jagavese vatat tu kay kratoy yar ye nare ples ples kadhitari ek yar maze ples i want her. . .love me plez
Oct 08   My husband should come home tommorrow
Oct 08   Please Father end the drought heal me and my dog and let me win so I can go home to Sparks. I won t ask again.
Oct 08   Dear God I am in trouble I have no way out for my problem I want you to help me plz do not abondon me. I feelthat You have abandoned me and not listening to me
Oct 08   Dear God please help me to be strong and wisdom. .
Oct 08   Mere Bhagwan! Shivji! Durga maa! Meri Sahayata karo! mujhe apne paas bula lo iss dard se mukti do shaanti do. . Mujhe Kshama Karo Prabhu
Oct 08   Dear heavenly father please help my daughter to find new friends in middle school that are pure in heart. In Jesus name amen.
Oct 08   Pl give me what I need you know what I need
Oct 08   God please forgive me for my sins Amen.
Oct 08   God please save my 2 weeks daughter michelle Huang. please give her a healthy and long live body. let all the infection in her blood and all other diseases di
Oct 08   Jesus You rock my Lord. Forever will your be praised. Blessed are those who prayed.
Oct 08   Lord Please answer my prayer O God.
Oct 08   God I miss my mom and dad. Please take good care of me live right and forgive my sins in Jesus name.
Oct 08   god please give me a proper life partner
Oct 08   i love h
Oct 08   Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
Oct 08   please i need to get into college and get a job please please help me
Oct 08   hi . . .
Oct 08   God please see me
Oct 08   Please help me help myself.
Oct 08   Happy Birthday Ralph may you be resting in peace.
Oct 08   jesus u r realy alive then plz muje dunia se i want to die today
Oct 08   Hi hope you re doing ok today (SMS)
Oct 08   God I love Chaya why I do not know. But she loves me really or not i do not know. But I want Chaya
Oct 08   thank you lord the reports of my elder sisters daughter are fine
Oct 08   can u help my thumb plz
Oct 08   thank you )))
Oct 08   make him call me instantly
Oct 08   please bring him back to me
Oct 08   lord I pray for my elder sister daughter that there is no facture in her legs
Oct 08   Please help me God to be able to repay all my debts I dont want to die in debts
Oct 08   Please help me! my family is dependant on me. . do the needful ASAP
Oct 08   soften hearts for me today i beg you. amen
Oct 08   God. .help me mrw in my only questns i will learn tdy and help me write it good so i will pass this time
Oct 08   please my god make this certification be issued on time please help my son be hired and guide douring my checks. thanks my lord
Oct 08   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Oct 08   Make her call me instantly
Oct 08   lord jesus my number is still blocked by him
Oct 08   please help me so that I can get govt teacher job plz help me god I miss u alot
Oct 08   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Oct 08   God. thank you so much . .thank you. he shows alot of care and love to me now!! thank you
Oct 08   Thanks!
Oct 08   God thank you for this new day in my life
Oct 08   God thank for blessing me so I can be a blessing to others Lord
Oct 08   Thank u so much god whatever u have given me is more than i deserve. Sorry if i ever blame u for anything wrong. I m trying to be a good person. Love u
Oct 08   Please God help me thru every moment of life and forgive me. in Jesus name I pray. Amen
Oct 08   lord thank you ))
Oct 08   Bhagwan gi please mera sscgd ka paper cancel karke muje naukari dana ki karpa kara thanks aapka bhagat bharat sharma jai khatu shyam jai sainath
Oct 08   please send him back lord an still waiting for him
Oct 08   Please. Just please.
Oct 08   I didn t fall in love with u because I was lonely or fell in love with u because when i saw u for first time it was the only time that I had ever wanted
Oct 08   He shiv man ne santi nathi Malti pls help
Oct 08   That my Nino has a safe happy healthy day that he makes friends that are nice to him and he fits in that his behavior is excellent and that he follows the rout
Oct 08   God pks help me feel like something bad going to happen pls give strenght to fight the situation and bless me with no loss pls.
Oct 08   Please give me the upcoming mega millions or powerball win so I can get out of my current situation
Oct 08   please lord jesus I beg you to send him back in my am empty wothout his love
Oct 08   lord jesus please come and help me
Oct 08   lord take me with want to die i eill not be able to live without do miracles that he comes backe
Oct 08   So sad to see only the ones who donate can send a message to God but he knows my heart and my pocket .19 cents in my ATM card left To bad not enough for
Oct 08   Krishna where are you. please Help me
Oct 08   God can you please send back my babies you took from me I know you called them for a reason but I m heart broken I miss them to death please Jesus (
Oct 08   thank god. tumne mujhe itna acha jeevan aur prem hirday se apka shukriya ada krti hu
Oct 08   pls help
Oct 08   I don t know why I m so down nowadays especially at night. I feel so overburdened and I m just so tired. I think my life is meaningless. Are you really t
Oct 08   lord jesus my number is still do miracles that he come back to me and he feels the same pain which I am feeling
Oct 08   mata laxmi hay maai laxmi hay dhan ke sagar maa hamra 330000000crore rupiya mila du maa. .
Oct 08   please God i need to go with Randika today. please arrange for it today. please God. Thank you Lord Jesus for everything thank you God.
Oct 08   please force him to come back to lord jesus
Oct 08   plz god job lagwa dijiye ab . . lic m ho jaye mera . plz
Oct 08   pray for life partner