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  26 Nov 2014 17:03 PST I love You JESUS. Hope i was in Isreal before to witness your love!
26 Nov 2014 17:02 PST Gorgive me Jesus
26 Nov 2014 16:52 PST Thankyou, Jesus also loves you :)
26 Nov 2014 16:30 PST oh "GODS,FAIRIES,ANGLES&GENIE"accept my prayer&bless my family & i from right now with a lots of millions of rupees,wealth,good health,prosperity &peace
26 Nov 2014 16:25 PST oh lord of wealth make a miracle right now that i will win loto 'la vie douce of Rs 25,000 chaque month pendant 20 ans' bless me GOD & HELP ME
26 Nov 2014 16:24 PST God please let me give birth today! I am so grateful for this baby but I am so ready to meet her. Please please please Lord - love Leisa
26 Nov 2014 16:24 PST Oh god please bless me ,my wife, beta , 2 beti with wealth, prosperity , peace ,good health & happiness accept my prayer
26 Nov 2014 16:23 PST Oh lord,am praying everyday asking your blessing to solve my financial problem,am badly in a miracale today bless me with wealth,health,prosperity
26 Nov 2014 16:22 PST Oh lord"luxmi maya ji,kuber maharaj ji , please bless me with many many millions of rupees,make a big miracle in my life before november 2014 finish
26 Nov 2014 16:22 PST oh GOD OF WEALTH,please bless me to win the jackpot Rs 83 millions of inorder to pay lab my debt & fulfill all our family dream
26 Nov 2014 16:13 PST I have sinned immorally and I have cheated have given false witness and deceived others I confess all my sins and ask that I be forgiven reborn amen
26 Nov 2014 16:12 PST please forgive me i am sinner cheated lied decieved sex immoraly forgive me now i accept God help me i pray amen
26 Nov 2014 16:48 PST Stay strong jesus loves you very much (SMS)
26 Nov 2014 16:07 PST Heavenly Father, I am a sinner, please forgive me
26 Nov 2014 14:56 PST i surrender myself to you
26 Nov 2014 14:52 PST Give me strength god, wanna invert new deepa in me. . ameen . n i want to give myself everything in life, like love,success
26 Nov 2014 14:49 PST arpita i'll never come to your families life ever. forgive me
26 Nov 2014 14:48 PST pragati Meine kuch nhi kiya. . forgive me
26 Nov 2014 14:44 PST Dear God, I really need your strength and perspective right now. Please grant that I focus more on compassion than self-pity for those moments in which I'm hurt
26 Nov 2014 14:40 PST i didn't harm him god n didn't harm her too. but she cursed me. what was my fault. but indirectly i hurt her love which i thought was mine. forgive me lord
26 Nov 2014 14:53 PST Hi (SMS)
26 Nov 2014 14:04 PST Abba Father plz make a way out for me to work and live for the poor and the weaks of this world as u were while on earth. I need ur grace and strength
26 Nov 2014 13:01 PST God, please watch over me and keep me safe from all my past sins
26 Nov 2014 12:59 PST Please Jesus forgive me, for every sin I have ever committed or done in my heart and mind.
26 Nov 2014 12:56 PST hallo god, kan jij er aub voor zorgen dat mijn dede erdoor komt want wij willen hem nog niet kwijt en mijn oma zou dat niet aankunnen danku god.
26 Nov 2014 12:37 PST Dear God, please help!
26 Nov 2014 12:31 PST God please make him call me now make him miss me everyday .Please God
26 Nov 2014 12:21 PST Dear God, he let me go without fighting for us. Please help me move on
26 Nov 2014 12:48 PST Let us come to him with thanksgiving. Let us sing psalms of praise to him. Psalm 95:2, NLT (SMS)
26 Nov 2014 12:05 PST Om Namah Shivai. O God please help my daughter.
26 Nov 2014 12:03 PST Help my daughter O Lord Shiva. Let her be healthy and normal. I pray with all my faith and hope to you. I know you will help me.
26 Nov 2014 12:02 PST O Lord Shiva, please help my daughter. May her blood test reports be OK and she be a normal healthy person always. Please God. I want no more.
26 Nov 2014 11:46 PST may all those i have loved be happy. . give me strength now to bear your bitter lessons.
26 Nov 2014 11:44 PST hello. . .dont know. what should i write. . .as u already know whats goin on. . thanks for all the lessons you have taught me. .so what if in a very bitter way.
26 Nov 2014 11:41 PST all praises goes out to you lord. Father i am asking as humble as I know to find a job so I may not be homeless. thank you Jesus.
26 Nov 2014 11:31 PST Thanks god for everything
26 Nov 2014 11:27 PST Pls give strength et take all my fears . Aleluya
26 Nov 2014 11:03 PST why do i always hv 2 face humiliation, pain, loss?
26 Nov 2014 10:45 PST god plz bring my husband back r one who can do so
26 Nov 2014 10:29 PST i am sorry for whatever i have done, please forgive me help me dont punish me like this
26 Nov 2014 10:10 PST oh god. . improve me
26 Nov 2014 10:08 PST dear God please help me get this job need to earn and help my family
26 Nov 2014 10:03 PST God bless me please. Rakesh Mitra 7679970886 / 9563517162. Oh God Please help me please.
26 Nov 2014 09:59 PST Oh god help me please. Before last year I loose many things then me got serious accident last year. Now me again planning to make an bengali movie please help m
26 Nov 2014 09:58 PST god what the there is no god u just belive on ur d self guys god never help u becoz he already helpless there is no more
26 Nov 2014 09:42 PST i have no money so give me nice job and money
26 Nov 2014 09:38 PST lord i need you write i lost my job but i know you have something bett
26 Nov 2014 09:37 PST please please god please help me
26 Nov 2014 09:15 PST Hey god please helps everybody, meri wife ko hamesha khush rakhna aur mere mom dad ko, bas itni se tumse guzaarish hai. . . . 9653090928

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