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Jun 28   Reply #HELP to opt out Jan s (SMS)
Jun 28   You have been invited to a TextNow group by ! Reply to send messages. Reply with #help for commands. (SMS)
Jun 28   Hello is this the lord (SMS)
Jun 28   I really need your give me strength dear lord. Bless me with the wisdom and most of all please help me access the peace you have given me right now. I struggle dear god. I ve been lost and a mess and I can t seem to find the way to your comfort. I am sry for not being the best child. I never deserved anything good. I m just lost anymore and really need inspiration and direction. Help me hear your voice. In Jesus name I pray. Amen. (SMS)
Jun 28   As of u know i am in lot of depression .
Jun 28   Thank you jesus for everything. . thank you jesus. .amen.
Jun 28   God please make he full healthy like i was used to be before. Only you can do it God. Please help me. Give me a chance. Please.
Jun 28   Hi god. (SMS)
Jun 28   Who is this (SMS)
Jun 28   Hello (SMS)
Jun 28   Hay (SMS)
Jun 28   Is this God I need to call my mom (SMS)
Jun 28   I beg of you give me the capability to support my family I can work no more I have nothing more to give every day brings more darkness please hold out your
Jun 28   Dear God in Jesus name what are you doing to me What did I do to deserve this Please please help me.
Jun 28   My lord my god my everthing remove from me thanku lord forgive my sins and my thinkings forgive me what going on me lord sry i am wrong i am ur child love hold
Jun 28   God please help me today i jave biology test in college and i dont know anything god please help me that she should not conduct the test i have done so many sin
Jun 28   Dear God please grant me the favor of a happy ending to my miserable life
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   I love you Jesus (SMS)
Jun 28   Yes he does (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   Hey (SMS)
Jun 28   Please god I want to really be with Krishna Pillutla somehow my heart says he is the perfect guy for me
Jun 28   Kami tidak dapat membantu dengan tulisan pada pesan ini. Jauhkan pikiran yang tersesat kini. .
Jun 28   Thank you you are so good to me. I want to know more of your word. (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   I heard this is god and if your dead how can you have a phone (SMS)
Jun 28   Hey god are you busy (SMS)
Jun 28   How is heaven (SMS)
Jun 28   This is Kari (SMS)
Jun 28   I m thinking about you and Jesus Christ too and I love you and Jesus Christ and I love heaven and I have read the book about is heaven for real (SMS)
Jun 28   Lord Im sorry po. Please Help me po. .
Jun 28   God maawa po kayo sa akin please please please. ayoko na po talaga
Jun 28   Hello (SMS)
Jun 28   Is this god (SMS)
Jun 28   Hello (SMS)
Jun 28   Is that you talking God please I love God I love (SMS)
Jun 28   I hate Lathan. .he disrespects me so bad and treats me like garbage. Please I beg of u to help him or curse him for all his wrong doing
Jun 28   thank you dear GodI bless all the good in this situation. your love presence is all we need.
Jun 28   PLEASE HELP ME. I scored very poor marks in my college entrance exams and I am contemplating suicide right now.
Jun 28   Hi is this really you!
Jun 28   Dear God in Jesus name please please help resolve the issue with my daughter quickly
Jun 28   Why can t you make grandmother back alive (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   Is this god (SMS)
Jun 28   Hey (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi god this is Kari I m at my grandmas house today and she is my grandma but are you doing good and can you call me on my cell phone (SMS)
Jun 28   Call me at (817) 964 0376 thanks (SMS)
Jun 28   This is my cell phone number (SMS)
Jun 28   To text me back please (SMS)
Jun 28   And is this really god from heaven (SMS)
Jun 28   Please let my pay hit tonight. I beg you. Amen (SMS)
Jun 28   I need help
Jun 28   Dear God in Jesus name please have my daughter call me.
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   Jesus (SMS)
Jun 28   Is it you (SMS)
Jun 28   Lord I need u. I work 2 jobs but I still cant get ahead. Im doing everthing possiable please have mercy upon me God.
Jun 28   Thank you so much for everything so far Lord. Please stay with me and my baby xx
Jun 28   .... (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi god (SMS)
Jun 28   I wish I had a dad.
Jun 28   People say to get help. I tried. No one cares. He still hurts me every day. Any hope for me is almost gone. Will You save me
Jun 28   God please help my boyfriend with his diabetes please God I cry whenever I think of him please let me be sick instead
Jun 28   Lord Jesus I ask you to help me & my family. We ve suffered & struggled long enough. Help us break thru. We need financial help. AMEN
Jun 28   I thank you dear god for your blessings and pls. keep theses people busy elsewereh
Jun 28   Lord my god my everthing begging u help me
Jun 28   Heavenly father i thnk u 4 keeping me n protecting me until today be wth me tonite n help me solve all my financial prblms in jesus name amen
Jun 28   Babaji plz sb thik kr dijiye. me abhi bhi chahti hu usko . wo aaye or mera ghr bs jaye ache se
Jun 28   We all need you now today Abba. Please please help everyone here. We are desperate for you to help us.
Jun 28   God or jesus im gonna call you (SMS)
Jun 28   Mms received (SMS)
Jun 28   Your awsome everyone Loves you (SMS)
Jun 28   Your pie (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi there (SMS)
Jun 28   Are you real (SMS)
Jun 28   Hello (SMS)
Jun 28   Hi (SMS)
Jun 28   Dear God please watch over my family. Pray mo stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
Jun 28   Oh god please finde my girlfriend and belive my love actchual hardly love you so please please give my girlfriend
Jun 28   Jesus please save my family from evil and financial troubles. Please jesus. Please help us to improve our status in society. Amen.
Jun 28   Please god grant me the courage tools guidance love and suppot to cope with al my challenges
Jun 28   Dear god please make sure I dont have scolerosis or that thing that makes muscle turn to bone. Please let me be healthy and nothing hurt me dxx
Jun 28   Please Yaweh Abba I need finances to pay for all my husband s debts.
Jun 28   I would like to be happy
Jun 28   Lord I am so Shakey and tremory from my Ms. Please cure it calm my anxiety down and help me. I need you to heal and comfort me so I can do your will.
Jun 28   Hey call me at (817) 964 0376 (SMS)
Jun 28   Are you there (SMS)
Jun 28   This is Kari (SMS)
Jun 28   Are you here with me now (SMS)
Jun 28   Dear God in Jesus name please help get my daughter up and start working toward her move. Please let her call me
Jun 28   grant me peace please.
Jun 28   God please help me to get admission in BA (HONS)Economics in Shaheed Bhagat Singh College (Day)
Jun 28   Jesus please help me. Amen
Jun 28   Hello (SMS)
Jun 28   You believe in god
Jun 28   plz god help m in depression .and want to end my dnt want lo live.
Jun 28   The four gifts of 333k and lotto and eyebrows and healing. Amen

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