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  22 Dec 2014 10:52 PST I'm so tired Lord,do You still care about me ?
22 Dec 2014 10:41 PST oh god plz help me i need 5 lack within 2 months i want to earn money bt dont know how will this possible plz god g plz help me
22 Dec 2014 10:40 PST wine is truth. and odpe is your god. whats the bible say on being eagar and going ot jarreid? the cuklt of with
22 Dec 2014 10:33 PST Pls god help me so i can help the poor pls god i need a financial mirical pls god thank u for everything u gave us
22 Dec 2014 10:30 PST And God spoke to this effect that his offspring would be sojourners in a land belonging to others. roach? a queiton answered wiht a quetion and
22 Dec 2014 10:30 PST God please send Ashley back to me ready to listen and work hard to fix everything and help me heal!
22 Dec 2014 10:25 PST please what is going on I work for a council I c weird stuff all the .is it the illuminated ones
22 Dec 2014 10:13 PST you all
22 Dec 2014 10:09 PST jesus bless everyonewho are here make there wishes come true . prasie the lord
22 Dec 2014 10:08 PST Dear god please give and open me the chance to take the jackpote of toto and to have a chance to find my favorite me the real combination for tomorrow
22 Dec 2014 10:07 PST god please keep that girl Way from my boyfriend jah ❤️Lmc
22 Dec 2014 10:05 PST help me in winning battle of my life. i cannot live without her.
22 Dec 2014 10:05 PST lord god can you put a full size wrestling ring in my backyard make the owner of my house say that we can have a wrestling ring in my backyard today
22 Dec 2014 10:03 PST dear god, I wanna get a big car and a lot of mony
22 Dec 2014 10:01 PST dear god give me more money and nazi world
22 Dec 2014 09:59 PST Dear precious God! Please, realy please safe my nerves and make me more lucky person! Thank you!
22 Dec 2014 09:59 PST dragi bog danes ti govorim v slo. jeziku ker te jas poznam v Sloveniji, prosim te da bi imel dobro ženo, ki bi mi nudila usluge vsak večer
22 Dec 2014 09:55 PST my ea lord please give me more money i don't have it enough i have only 20 euro a on day i need money for my collection i pay every evening please dear god give
22 Dec 2014 09:51 PST yo all
22 Dec 2014 09:50 PST Hello! Please, can you give me more luck in hearthstone!
22 Dec 2014 09:47 PST God, please increase my faith in you; help me and my family. Help me to be a better person and to do your will.
22 Dec 2014 09:32 PST Results are to be out please god answer to my prayers this time am just feeling helpless how will i tell my parents if marks are not satisfactory god help!
22 Dec 2014 09:28 PST those memories. she forgot my friendship. kept me hurting ;( bt i still love her
22 Dec 2014 09:26 PST its hurts me god ;( to see her with someone else. this was not my destiny. ;(
22 Dec 2014 09:07 PST Dear God please give me job . I am sorry for that mistake
22 Dec 2014 08:49 PST Lord Jesus, thank u for u have saved me with ur precious holy blood. Lord forgive me of all my sins. Today is a ur day lord. Use me at your will lord. Thank u.
22 Dec 2014 08:41 PST Dear god please keep board of pharmacy away from me and my pharmacy do not let them comeback
22 Dec 2014 08:25 PST God please help please please help me
22 Dec 2014 07:56 PST Bhagwan please mera mobile mujhe wapas dila do plz wo chorii ho gya hai please uske bina mein kuch nehi soch sakta mein bohat dil se kharida hu usko please
22 Dec 2014 07:46 PST Most high father God i want to thank you that your love have made me a strength to go on in my life no matter its cryin or laughing, happy or sad you never lea
22 Dec 2014 07:42 PST I need you
22 Dec 2014 07:30 PST dear God I desperately need you to save my marriage. Please bless my husband and open his heart. let him calm down now and come to me. . please
22 Dec 2014 07:27 PST Please god take care of me and my family . Please increase your faith in us !!!Amen!
22 Dec 2014 07:17 PST god thank you for today I feel good and happy I don't feel scared and I know it's because your are beside me
22 Dec 2014 07:16 PST god please help me get my home back from the bank
22 Dec 2014 07:14 PST dear god, please assist me, I am struggling to find a
22 Dec 2014 06:55 PST pls help me god . .pls
22 Dec 2014 06:52 PST Dear God thanks for everything. Thanks for taking care of us
22 Dec 2014 06:46 PST please help me lord
22 Dec 2014 06:40 PST Dear god i please get a job so soon as iam jobless now and iam the only one who can support my family. Please lord i hope you are listening my prayer.
22 Dec 2014 06:32 PST God if I ever did a mistake in my relationship then pardon!! I really want to meet with my bf by the end of this year. If u don't want to do a lot then do only
22 Dec 2014 06:27 PST dear god please dont let her go. . i want to be with her forever
22 Dec 2014 06:23 PST Dear god please protect my pharmacy from problems
22 Dec 2014 06:17 PST God exactly who u r?
22 Dec 2014 06:12 PST God help me ---------------------------------
22 Dec 2014 05:49 PST God please help me give me a job please
22 Dec 2014 05:46 PST i wish my family never duys
22 Dec 2014 05:43 PST i wish ill be famous in the whole world . i wish i will get a boys real magic wand a money machine a wishing well a wishing machine
22 Dec 2014 05:28 PST jesus save you jesus

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