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24 May 2015 dear god please make me not get beaten up my tution sir and keep satan away from me and forgive me for my sins
24 May 2015 God u know tht i love subroto so mch. he is my everything. please god pls only u can do ths. pls bring him bck in my life we will b attach forevr & will pnsh.
24 May 2015 howOld is robin mr b man isHe yourSon! NoHe seeYour lapTop sir. DoYou know who iam. complaints have been made boyWearingGreen speedos
24 May 2015 Dear God m feeling week and not so confident every day i see people around me who are more talented and better in performance however m not feeling comfortable
24 May 2015 god please save priyanka s father life. please God
24 May 2015 Wow so that prayer was send to you Strange. . but right I m sorry if I offended you Father but I really need your help.
24 May 2015 cheese cake. chessey smile. yellow teeth. nakedBatman with his cowell on. with dicreet figLeaf in place. order me a batbuger ole chum
24 May 2015 Dear God please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
24 May 2015 chestNuts roasing on an open fire. jack frost nipping at your nose merry christmas want some punch in your belly non alcoholic with ginger to pop out goose eyes
24 May 2015 I want to be mother soon
24 May 2015 pawn* fancy a chess date
24 May 2015 Father i love you and i know you here me!
24 May 2015 Dear God please help my family through this difficult time of uncertainty bless my husband with work because we depend on him I strongly believe in YOU AMEN!
24 May 2015 God please help me please please get these horrible people out of my life you know how i feel please protect me and my family thank you god
24 May 2015 Mr jolson blacks dont have white lips izzz reeeed sheeeeeit meeee di*c*eeeek oiiy veiiiy bling blong blong donig digger dig ding bango
24 May 2015 what ever david was he was not harming no one. interfearing hook nosed haters of truth lovers of lies & deceat killed him. rest in peace dear david RIPXX
24 May 2015 some where down ole racistkike singer alfread jolson. boot polish face & kike claws playing banjo ole black joe uncle tom. kikes using blacks
24 May 2015 god .plz give a sweet life to her. do something to make us a family
24 May 2015 udavid was murded by clinton & the kikes revenge is coming
24 May 2015 Thank you GOD i love you. . Amen. .
24 May 2015 bagunnara swami. . .inka me manasu karagaledha. .
24 May 2015 mike tyson has a gay lisp hes real hard black man NO! IS SYDNEY old usa black actor might think he raped eney be his hand hairy plam
24 May 2015 Dear god long live David koresh a true prophet
24 May 2015 bhagwan g plz meri bhi sun lo
24 May 2015 can my mentality be back to normal.
24 May 2015 God please accept my request
24 May 2015 God plz give me job which i want. plz give me. .iam asking u several times for job. plz give me god
24 May 2015 dear god i need 4 000 dollars my dad lost his job and we need the money
24 May 2015 please Lord show me the way. i want to do what you have choosen for me. show me some sign and bless us please
23 May 2015 god please with my rank please let me get nift kol! (
23 May 2015 give me back my love my life HARSH
23 May 2015 Thank you for the gifts you have given us. Life can seem tough at times but it is still worth living. In your name.
23 May 2015 Crazy Town Butterfly (subtitulado)
23 May 2015 Dear God shower some more divine light on my son
23 May 2015 50000 USD it is a matter of life and death
23 May 2015 Dear God my son is in your shelter shower divine light on him
23 May 2015 no wir
23 May 2015 Dear God destroy Fall city Nebraska
23 May 2015 all attentions the free tickets & moon landings R not from uncle elroy or george jefferson issues do not land hoe you ve been warned oh yeah good luck ken open
23 May 2015 forgive me
23 May 2015 Thank you lord
23 May 2015 Lord please help my sister with her health . dear god please help my sister for her interview.
23 May 2015 dear God please help and guidance for my sister .gave her success in her interview Lord thank you for all the blessings you have bestowed on me. . . I m prayin
23 May 2015 You made these idiots and expect them to be our mates That s stupid.
23 May 2015 Dear whatever is out there help guide me to a new beginning
23 May 2015 dear god destroy Waco Texas tonight
23 May 2015 dear god if you re up there please help this kitten that it is a newborn and I don t want to lose him cause I want to see him grow and do amazing things that ca
23 May 2015 my lord . . i have offered myself to you many times. . let me be you new messenger on earth . please forgive the ignorant for what they do and understand
23 May 2015 God intervane in my marriage destroy this adultery

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