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  01 Apr 2015 19:42 PDT fu bu the movie? i gonna finish sharping my pencil again. we all kown that doesnt work damon, now where the godamn masters! you want freedom or be a slave still
01 Apr 2015 19:38 PDT shes as sick as a human being can and could bee, that includes you too gabrielle unions also. weel it aint deep throat 3 or the golden dawn of iris
01 Apr 2015 19:33 PDT differcne between impala and a lexus // direct to indirect to mail order to too waiting 4-6 weeks if oyur lucky
01 Apr 2015 19:28 PDT tickets to heavin? tiites cost even craig knows . alot of porn star names . strange call yet again
01 Apr 2015 19:25 PDT please god ana need you jesus i love her and i want her out out of iss and love me i miss her doing the thing please god i trust you 6782079227
01 Apr 2015 19:18 PDT god please make ana love me im to scare to tell her that i love her please god get her out of iss in school
01 Apr 2015 19:06 PDT Help me dream sweetly instead of lonlyniss that seems to be my fear is to get hurt with nobody's help tell me what to do so I don't feel this way I need your l
01 Apr 2015 19:02 PDT My dream that I had last night was scary I dreamed that someone through a bomb at me but I don't remember the whole dream I feel like I dream about death alot
01 Apr 2015 18:36 PDT i know i tlak alot and claim alot for not having nothing. now im gonna finish sharping my pencil
01 Apr 2015 18:16 PDT Dear God, please heal my broken heart and broken soul
01 Apr 2015 18:04 PDT God please bring me and my baby father gio back together!
01 Apr 2015 17:44 PDT Not sure where naay of my watches are
01 Apr 2015 17:31 PDT 1000 years solid and not ot earn tha tone. no one set out lookng for the ring frodo. not any one good atleast
01 Apr 2015 17:11 PDT i love you lord jesus
01 Apr 2015 17:04 PDT cuts outta alot of bullsh*t since no one wants ot be staight with me
01 Apr 2015 17:02 PDT Dear God, I am lost and broken. Please shed some light
01 Apr 2015 17:00 PDT not the entire grill fu*ck heads no one can earn that yet.
01 Apr 2015 16:55 PDT Iced out hip hop plain silver top & bottom row teeth grillz combo set
01 Apr 2015 16:50 PDT does this sound right rite also Earning Freemasonry – A One Day Class Redemption is now available for purchase
01 Apr 2015 16:47 PDT not the grip note: no one praticies grips
01 Apr 2015 16:43 PDT The Masonic Wife answers questions women ask most often about Freemasonry. now it partly maonry ring
01 Apr 2015 16:35 PDT thye have a white masondry ring not masonry mean all dead as . not jsut divine and heavin issue
01 Apr 2015 16:22 PDT no it not a white or silver tear, it grey when it come ot heavin and beyond someone tell ALL pharell willaims ot off . im @ top everything i build form now
01 Apr 2015 16:12 PDT {・_・} god, help end white genocide, thank you for the hand full people out there, that are wakening us up to these crimes committed on my you god
01 Apr 2015 16:07 PDT Yo da foxy ho's @ A1A Beachfront ave loves tastin Oscar Meyers. So get rollin & bring yo's down.
01 Apr 2015 16:04 PDT Why does God allow the church & mafia to be world controlling buddies. The vatican bank is used to launder the mafia's dirty money in return for "donations".
01 Apr 2015 15:08 PDT god help my friend ana Ramírez to get her out of iss because dalana said something bad and she made her say it she dident did some thing bad
01 Apr 2015 14:55 PDT God please send me good customer or a job so I can finish this life with your blessing from mike
01 Apr 2015 14:50 PDT (´・_・`)
01 Apr 2015 14:46 PDT My God, my life has been hard. Help my brother
01 Apr 2015 14:38 PDT Jesus give me the ability to serve you better. Thank you
01 Apr 2015 14:25 PDT "pls punish ppl who play wit others life by making 4 their own benefit. if you wont punish they will continue doing it 4ever."God can't cuz dey r his chosen few
01 Apr 2015 14:21 PDT Where's Bailey Jay's { | }? Don't you tink sumting isn't right?
01 Apr 2015 14:18 PDT Search keywords June 2006, Kiev zoo, Lions cage for answer to God. Spoiler alert, you'll be disapointed like when you found out about Santa Claus.
01 Apr 2015 14:15 PDT God may your temple sit on the ruins of the dome of the rock so Jesus can return to lead us in victory over the islam scourge that plagues the world with evil.
01 Apr 2015 14:13 PDT God preordained you for a continuous miserable life so he can bless his chosen few with a happy sucessful life. This is his will for a balanced universe.
01 Apr 2015 14:10 PDT dear alicia i belevie the episode is called Pulpit Friction sincelerly Mr x +/- lovie still ps hunter found the stay tuned
01 Apr 2015 13:39 PDT dear alicia i belevie the episode is called arena or athena what? lavell wasnt @ school? the bi*tch wasnt @ work sincerely mr X +/- lovie & or wife and kids
01 Apr 2015 13:06 PDT Help me with my insecurities my lack of trust .
01 Apr 2015 12:59 PDT God I Need U plssss be with me. u r my saviour I believe in u. Plssss cmplt my wish help me lord jesus.
01 Apr 2015 12:47 PDT 89-90 movies or shows? 1 time again? wiht frank ? agina? and its not evne my birthday? roper issues! Patti LaBelle On My Own ft. Michael McDonald GD pee issues
01 Apr 2015 12:44 PDT because some of the world wants 2 hear the story! god dammit! you people no wonder you dont have but one theater issue 1-time? hm whos zoomin who? needa leader?
01 Apr 2015 12:30 PDT Natural Born Killers :c Fu*cking and Fighting
01 Apr 2015 12:16 PDT The Lord of the Rings Mythology Explained (Part elijah come pick that up butta add+ < 000 The One Ring Explained."
01 Apr 2015 12:12 PDT " bad girls .".
01 Apr 2015 12:08 PDT checkin heads 2? look it up chicken heads and murrays issue wiht dennis not just his eating pu*ssy nasty man. butt nasty freak?
01 Apr 2015 12:04 PDT uh oh ."./
01 Apr 2015 11:58 PDT let my son get a good score on a very important exam
01 Apr 2015 11:53 PDT god please help me. the flase fradsters are doing all cruelities and they still are happy. whereas those good ones are suferring

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