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  30 Jan 2015 03:30 PST Dear God, please be with my love ones and I throughout this day and watch over our health and keep us safe I love you.
30 Jan 2015 03:18 PST help me almighty . . . . i need you
30 Jan 2015 02:59 PST god please help me
30 Jan 2015 02:57 PST please god help me i want any govt job plz plz plz plz
30 Jan 2015 02:56 PST Dear God,please po pagalingin nyo na po ang mother ko kung anuman po ang mga nararamdaman nya lord please bigyan nyo po sya ng miracle,please help us Lord.
30 Jan 2015 02:48 PST Please help me god. I want a money. I have many problem . pls help me
30 Jan 2015 02:41 PST GOD,Never let the world forget, what communism did to the world, and is "STILL DOING" my thoughts are with white christians victims of genocide. thank you god
30 Jan 2015 02:33 PST GOD, Stop and end "white genocide", thank you jesus.
30 Jan 2015 01:56 PST Dear God plz help god we need your blessing jesus plz plz
30 Jan 2015 01:49 PST God, I Just want to say THANK YOU a million times for all the times you have made me pass all the life bridges that i thought were impossible
30 Jan 2015 01:32 PST ya allah please save my chachi. . .please
30 Jan 2015 01:20 PST Dear God, please save me, help me!!!!!!
30 Jan 2015 01:18 PST Dear GOD, thank you for your blessing. hear my prayer Psalm 54.
30 Jan 2015 01:05 PST Hear my request and if you see it is possible and it will make a difference in the world I request to grant this thanks you
30 Jan 2015 00:57 PST God please give us peace in our family,my father is an drug addict and does'nt go to church
30 Jan 2015 00:37 PST please help me beg you
30 Jan 2015 00:33 PST please help us god, my mother is sick and my father is being held in solitary confinement for a crime he didnt commit. Evil men are trying to harm my family
30 Jan 2015 00:25 PST My father is ceriouly ill, by brain stroke. plz help me God. plz make recover my father. . plz God. . waiting for your help, God. .
29 Jan 2015 23:40 PST Hello God ! How are you ! I am Ash, I need my life back in Great Britain with a Luxurious House and Laura with Healthy and Wealthy Life. WPAW. Thanks!
29 Jan 2015 23:11 PST Dear God, please save me, help me!!!!!!
29 Jan 2015 23:08 PST Please Lord, let me be me again.
29 Jan 2015 22:49 PST God plz help me to get my love nd give me tym nd attention plz god i love him alot god plz
29 Jan 2015 22:46 PST Dear Jesus, I pray to you to forgive me for my sins, and to give me the opertunity to ask my crush out. Amen
29 Jan 2015 22:41 PST Plzzzzzz god help nanu tumba kastta dalli idini nan ge dud beku plzzzz god 1000 ru plz
29 Jan 2015 22:08 PST Thank you god for everything
29 Jan 2015 21:35 PST God guide me in deciding my father's treatement
29 Jan 2015 21:16 PST Dear God. Please help me succeed. I struggled for such a long time and I want good things to come to my family and I
29 Jan 2015 21:16 PST please god help my family you know everything we are facing lots of financial problem i will really die please god help make that good things .
29 Jan 2015 21:12 PST oh god, pls help my child to study well and save my family with peace.
29 Jan 2015 21:11 PST help me almighty . . . . i need you
29 Jan 2015 21:06 PST Aum Namah Shivay! Please bless me!
29 Jan 2015 21:04 PST dear God bless me with financial stability please bring me good luck and happiness i thank you for everything
29 Jan 2015 20:58 PST If you love everyone you have a ty way of showing it
29 Jan 2015 20:46 PST i dont think i deserve this father pls forgive me pls give me a 2 chance to start my life i will change luv u amen
29 Jan 2015 20:34 PST plz god make me mother of a boy this time. give me a son with current pregnancy. .plz god help me
29 Jan 2015 20:20 PST god. save my family
29 Jan 2015 20:20 PST heavenly father thank u for blessing me . . i love u ,worship u and give apl tbe glory to u
29 Jan 2015 18:07 PST Open up to god and, real evil will go back down to hell to burn or rot. thank you jesus
29 Jan 2015 18:03 PST Real evil people, are cold they need hell to warm them up , or burn them too at the same time. please people be good be a be gooder not a do gooder do gods will
29 Jan 2015 17:52 PST Evil people dont get rewarded in this life, trust me they dont,god is comming for them, we all have chance , first be good, the real bad ones will rot inside
29 Jan 2015 17:49 PST plz god m your child keep blessing me!!!!
29 Jan 2015 17:28 PST YOU gready bunch of retarded fools, what you pray for is what you get, gready lard holes c*u#t's.
29 Jan 2015 17:17 PST your girl is cheating because , you are fick, cant even spell ,retard
29 Jan 2015 17:13 PST mark is a jew
29 Jan 2015 17:09 PST Stop sucking on mary jane, and wake up, what do you want? you must be praying some thing not what god wants
29 Jan 2015 17:06 PST God gives us some thing they dont have, a good heart and god.
29 Jan 2015 17:03 PST He will, god will get him, at the end of a rope, and the rest of them too. thank my dear dear "GOD"
29 Jan 2015 17:01 PST please father help me get thru this difficult time i am very scared i need u father i dont think i could make it im sorry make it be thrown out pls amen luv u
29 Jan 2015 17:00 PST Some people, born bad

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