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  31 Jul 2014 03:59 PDT god plzzz telll me what to do I'm very confused plzz help me
31 Jul 2014 03:49 PDT Jesus ive cried and begged and prayed WHERE ARE YOU please Father fight for my family ! Restore us and change his Heart
31 Jul 2014 03:44 PDT jesus old hear our prayers Lord the land is my parents let it be theirs only we have to win this case Lord only u can do it
31 Jul 2014 03:26 PDT plssssssssssssssss i need u ,
31 Jul 2014 03:25 PDT pls help me bhagwan ji . . . . . i need u. . . . . . . . . . mujhe is duvidha se bchao bhagwan ji pls
31 Jul 2014 02:15 PDT Dear God, I need your help today & now itself. Pls help. I Love You God. Amen
31 Jul 2014 02:14 PDT Dear Lord, please come to our life & save us from all Satanic forces which is stopping in our prosperity of life. Amen
31 Jul 2014 01:52 PDT Dear God, bless me today with wealth so that I do not ask anybody but be help to others. Pls help me now otherwise all debtors will jail me. Pls hear me. Amen
31 Jul 2014 01:11 PDT i cnt take it anymore,,,,why r u testing me so mucch. . .please god i m tired of fighting for everything. . .please give me i love d most. .i m tired of being
31 Jul 2014 01:08 PDT "may God continue to give us his blessing"
31 Jul 2014 00:42 PDT god please help me. .2day I need u. .plz save me
31 Jul 2014 00:34 PDT Lord, please let me get better looking with age.
31 Jul 2014 00:31 PDT I want to live. I am in huge debt problem. and i have no way to repay my liabilities. Please help me .my contact no. is +91967146566.
31 Jul 2014 00:26 PDT God,please tansfer me to Hyderabad.
31 Jul 2014 00:19 PDT Lord I'm having a little confusion at the moment
30 Jul 2014 23:11 PDT Thank you god for everything
30 Jul 2014 23:53 PDT Hey, I just need some help and guidance. I can't take the pain anymore. I miss my dad ever since he passed away and I'm tired of having a broken heart. Please (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 23:53 PDT help me see this through (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 22:52 PDT Please help me for my sister marriage ,family problems and my problems
30 Jul 2014 22:18 PDT Praise the Lord
30 Jul 2014 21:43 PDT what do i name my son
30 Jul 2014 21:16 PDT God help me
30 Jul 2014 21:10 PDT Lord forgive my mistakes. In Jesus name Amen.
30 Jul 2014 21:08 PDT Jesus jesus jesus
30 Jul 2014 21:53 PDT Lord, this is beyond what I can do. I give him to you!! By your stripes I declare him healed of addictions!In Jesus name amen. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 21:48 PDT Hi Father God, the reason I'm doing this is so I can always talk to you wherever I am. I love you and I always will! (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 21:48 PDT Father God, I may not know what you're plans are today. What I know is that they are so much better than mine. And for this reason, I am already so thankful to you. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 21:48 PDT Lord, kayo na bahala. I dont think mali po ito kc gusto koblang sana ng nakakausap ko kayo na usap talaga. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 21:48 PDT Yung binibigyan ko ng effort. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 21:48 PDT Lord! Mahal na mahal ko kayo! (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 20:59 PDT Lord, Thank you for the life you gave us!
30 Jul 2014 20:33 PDT Dear God thank you for all the help you have given me in my most toughest of times, please help me through my rest of my journey to success
30 Jul 2014 20:30 PDT Please amar jonne Paramita k kosto deo na. .Amar ja hobar hobe. I don't care but please, make her life good
30 Jul 2014 20:10 PDT Please talk to me
30 Jul 2014 20:06 PDT Thank you for my parents
30 Jul 2014 19:38 PDT Thanks for your love my lord, please keep sending your blessings, make my kids be well help my sebas make him successful
30 Jul 2014 19:17 PDT Thanks god for all the blessing please god one more favor please make she find her true love
30 Jul 2014 18:51 PDT God please help me became a better person, so that I can bring peace with my family
30 Jul 2014 18:37 PDT jesus please heal my family
30 Jul 2014 18:34 PDT Thank you our her for
30 Jul 2014 18:28 PDT Thank you Lord and all in heaven. I love you all!!
30 Jul 2014 18:19 PDT Dear God, please grant me the favor of finding my true love.
30 Jul 2014 17:29 PDT god help me i can't find the cellphone
30 Jul 2014 17:18 PDT God, thank you for another day. I love you.
30 Jul 2014 17:18 PDT Dear God, please help me financially so I can help my family and also be a blessing onto others.
30 Jul 2014 16:44 PDT i would like to thank you god for all the blessings you have showered one me, thanks a lot
30 Jul 2014 16:48 PDT Thank u God. Love u. Amen. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 16:48 PDT Thank u God. Love u. Amen. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 16:48 PDT Thank u God. Love u. Amen. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 16:48 PDT Thank u God. Love u. Amen. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 15:57 PDT Hi Jesus I just want to see heaven love Ethan Hunt
30 Jul 2014 15:54 PDT Please god give ixiclarkyixi His Last Signet!
30 Jul 2014 15:45 PDT Dear God you have been answering all of my prayers & I feel at peace thank you. God I am lonely for 5 yrs bring the man of my life u have for me in Jesus name.
30 Jul 2014 15:44 PDT dear god thank you for another you for always being there for me and never leaving my help me make this school year one of the best
30 Jul 2014 15:29 PDT dear God, yoy helped me before and i am very thankful for everything you gave me. . please help me and my parents. . show the ignorants the right path. .
30 Jul 2014 15:19 PDT Thank-you, god you have given me more then I deserve. But please let him call me back. I really miss him thank you
30 Jul 2014 14:58 PDT Please god be with me today, give me the job I need, give me hope, light, love and comfort. Amen
30 Jul 2014 14:33 PDT Thank you Jesus
30 Jul 2014 14:22 PDT Dear God, thank you for today. Please save my tree. I love you. Amen.
30 Jul 2014 13:30 PDT Please god be with me today. Please give me hope our home will sell soon. Please let today's showing go well. Can't handle the stress anymore. Please god I beg
30 Jul 2014 13:00 PDT im in a financial crisis God. I cannot overcome without you? please have mercy and grant to me the blessings to overcome?
30 Jul 2014 12:34 PDT please god help me I m not understand , what to do am I I love him so much but he was not ready to accept me what happened god please give me
30 Jul 2014 12:29 PDT Spread the news to every land Jesus Saves Jesus Saves!
30 Jul 2014 12:27 PDT Please god send my true love. Heal my wound
30 Jul 2014 12:26 PDT Dear god, please throw my lonely life and get some special person in my life. Send my prince to me. Feel very lonely please bless me
30 Jul 2014 11:42 PDT thank you god for everything all nice things i m grateful to you, luv ya.
30 Jul 2014 10:36 PDT i need you God please help me . . . . show me the way.
30 Jul 2014 10:34 PDT Dear god, I am lost & broken, please shed some mercy on
30 Jul 2014 10:31 PDT god please please let something come open at montfird
30 Jul 2014 10:22 PDT Dear God help my daughter on the street. make her come home to me please. I will be grateful to you.
30 Jul 2014 10:18 PDT plz help me god I beg u. plz help me plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
30 Jul 2014 10:11 PDT Dear God, I have much to be thankful for but I have one issue that needs attending, the love of my life is no longer with me. Please help guide us back together
30 Jul 2014 10:48 PDT Please God let my things come today. I claim it in Jesus name. Amen. (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 09:50 PDT Dear God, he let me go without fighting for us. Please help me move on
30 Jul 2014 09:49 PDT God i am begging you to allow this to happen today. i need it, i claim it in the name of jesus christ. amen.
30 Jul 2014 09:45 PDT dear god its me pls i dont kow wat to do plz heal my child let nothing be wrong with my daughter as i said she going to mrow for chek up plz dont let m worry
30 Jul 2014 09:38 PDT good morning Father, thank u for all youv done for me. Lord I ask that u give me peace of mind & help me find my path for ur will. in Jesus name I pray amen
30 Jul 2014 09:31 PDT So i m here now. What's next :)
30 Jul 2014 09:21 PDT dear god. . Please help me. . Please watch over family.
30 Jul 2014 09:21 PDT Lord, please forgive me and hear my prayers.
30 Jul 2014 08:26 PDT God please save me from myself, I need to live again
30 Jul 2014 08:20 PDT I love you Lord God Jesus. Please forgive me and my husband and my children foe all our weong doing. Tell my husband i miss him so much and i love him.
30 Jul 2014 07:43 PDT Dear lord, I am anxious and I know I shouldn't be, where is my love?
30 Jul 2014 07:17 PDT Dear God, please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
30 Jul 2014 06:53 PDT I need my promotion badly. . to clear my debts GOD help me please
30 Jul 2014 06:49 PDT Dear Lord i am begging you that this works out for me today. please i am begging. amen.
30 Jul 2014 06:46 PDT Dear God, I am lost and broken. Please shed some light
30 Jul 2014 06:37 PDT dear god can you make me grow to 5 feet 10 inches in jesus name amen.
30 Jul 2014 06:36 PDT Dear god, thank you for all my blessings, watch over 5 kids, heal eaacbj, save our home poor family begs for miracles unemployed mom begs help
30 Jul 2014 06:34 PDT Dear God, Thank you for another happy day in my life, please bless me and my family. . Amen
30 Jul 2014 06:33 PDT God, please give me more strength. . Thanks
30 Jul 2014 06:28 PDT help me please beg your mercy please help me.
30 Jul 2014 06:10 PDT thank you god i love you
30 Jul 2014 05:48 PDT Dear God, Please slow down summer and speed up school and for give me of my sins
30 Jul 2014 05:28 PDT Dear God in Heaven, please let this work out for me today. I have tried to be patient but now i need this. I am begging you. In Jesus' name, amen.
30 Jul 2014 05:24 PDT God Asmi and saachu both leaves me alone now no one is here show me rite path m loosing everyone
30 Jul 2014 05:15 PDT Please help me God to get out of the mess I've made of my life.
30 Jul 2014 05:53 PDT Lord, tell me what to do and how I can help him!In Jesus name amen (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 05:48 PDT Thank you for me seeing another I give you a reason to smile today (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 04:59 PDT help me deva
30 Jul 2014 04:48 PDT Dear God, please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
30 Jul 2014 04:26 PDT dear god please help me i need u , pls show me the way so that i will be on right track . pls god help me what i have to do in this situation plssss hepl.
30 Jul 2014 04:25 PDT Lord, thanks for my blessings, please forgive my sins. Please lead myself and CP on a path back to each other for good and let it be righteous. Help us please.
30 Jul 2014 04:20 PDT thank you god now finish my small family
30 Jul 2014 04:08 PDT Please solve my financial problems. . please!
30 Jul 2014 03:37 PDT Please help me deal with whatever comes down the road for me. I am going to see if I can get the HEN Reinstated. That would be ideal lord. Love you
30 Jul 2014 03:34 PDT Dear lord z
30 Jul 2014 03:13 PDT Dear God, please be with my loved ones and I throughout this day. Thank you for yesterday. I love you. Amen.
30 Jul 2014 03:09 PDT Thank u Lord for we are victorious in ur name today. .It is a day of blessings and victory is ours I claim ur blessings Lord nothing can go wrong now thank u
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Well am starting to meditateran into Amy today just turned left didn't know what to do or say I don't even know if she saw mebut I saw herwoke up a bunch of feelings (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Still miss her (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Funny I was getting sunglasses clip on of the glasses she bought me (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT And tgere she was (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Like ships passing in the night. So much history. And acted like we didn't even know each other (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Still a tender thing (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT I've tried to erase here outa my mind as much as possible (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Yet she's still here (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT When will it passi coulda said hi (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT But just didn't want todeal with it (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 03:48 PDT Still soar and tender (SMS)
30 Jul 2014 02:42 PDT god please make me rich in wealth and health and give me one good govt job
30 Jul 2014 02:35 PDT god please give me one good salary government job in my ownplace,iam not getting job for 4 years,if i did any mistakes please forgive me,bless me with govtjob
30 Jul 2014 01:54 PDT I love you god thank you for life and earth
30 Jul 2014 01:10 PDT Dear God, please give me Ankita. I will do everything to keep her happy
30 Jul 2014 00:42 PDT Thakur please amay help koro, amay ekta amar moner moton chakri diye dao jekhan aami bhalo grow korte pari, bhalo sikhte pari ,bhalo earn korte pari aar khusi
30 Jul 2014 00:37 PDT god im confuse, broke. .
30 Jul 2014 00:09 PDT jai shree ram god ji plz help us today i am not feeling well so plzz god help me n bless on us plz
30 Jul 2014 00:08 PDT Plz fulfill my dreams.
29 Jul 2014 23:55 PDT Thank you god for everything
29 Jul 2014 23:50 PDT lord Please let me be pregnant i be trying for a baby lord pleaseee im begging
29 Jul 2014 23:31 PDT God if u can hear me plz father i need a job so i can take care of my unborn child and lil sister i dont want them to suffer like i did and end up doing stupid
29 Jul 2014 22:28 PDT I can forgive my enemies I ask you smite them instead
29 Jul 2014 21:39 PDT Lord continue to bless our country and guide our leaders. In Jesus name Amen
29 Jul 2014 21:15 PDT Lord let the people of other faiths find Christ for themselves Amen
29 Jul 2014 21:04 PDT Hi lord
29 Jul 2014 20:53 PDT We the people
29 Jul 2014 20:48 PDT God is the way The truth And the light (SMS)
29 Jul 2014 19:34 PDT God thanks for giving me my family they are only people who love me otherwise
29 Jul 2014 19:29 PDT God i am loosing everything pls help me out my frnz are aslo not talking to me i miss my family my mom help me feeling alone
29 Jul 2014 18:58 PDT Dear God, please grant me the favor of finding my true love.
29 Jul 2014 18:18 PDT I love & praise visit me I'm your child : Anne Marie Myriam Chevallier
29 Jul 2014 18:14 PDT Help me with my driver's license & my legal papers so I can get a job.
29 Jul 2014 18:48 PDT I am weary. I said no today My bones are tired. One day at a time I guess (SMS)
29 Jul 2014 16:56 PDT Dear God, he let me go without fighting for us. Please help me move on
29 Jul 2014 16:48 PDT i pray u and beg u to help all, plz grant the wishes
29 Jul 2014 15:55 PDT plz let church pass tomorrow
29 Jul 2014 15:21 PDT Hi my name is Nick and i want to recommend a great man called he help me with his love spell and brought my ex lover back to me within the period of tw
29 Jul 2014 14:52 PDT Please god give me another chance with Jason please.
29 Jul 2014 14:45 PDT Thank you God for taking care of me in my time of need, thank you for blessing me. Amen!

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