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  22 Jul 2014 07:32 PDT God pls help me, do something. I want love and to get married and Only you can help me.
22 Jul 2014 07:30 PDT dear god,i wish you are ok,thanks for all your blessings and caring,loving,sharing our happiness to others i will also help poor children by give them a caring.
22 Jul 2014 07:02 PDT Thank You God for everything in my life. I m very grateful to you for so much love and happiness in my life. thank you thank you very very much
22 Jul 2014 06:56 PDT can come take a look at heaven
22 Jul 2014 06:28 PDT Dear god, thank you for all blessings, heal elizabeth & ashley, watch over all 5 kids, save our home - poor familybegs for miracles today help sad mom i beg
22 Jul 2014 06:27 PDT God my father as knw I am in love with a girl. we want to marry. please do smthin for us. I blev u. .
22 Jul 2014 06:16 PDT Dear God, Thank you for another happy day in my life, please bless me and my family. . Amen
22 Jul 2014 06:15 PDT god pls give me my love want to marry do uske papa agry ho jaye.
22 Jul 2014 06:12 PDT God, what is it that you want from me? i just don't know what to do anymore. i am not asking for all the riches of the world. i am just asking for your guidance
22 Jul 2014 05:52 PDT Heavenly Father I would like to thank you for being my provider, my protector, my healer,my All. Lord I thank you for my new job made possible by You.
22 Jul 2014 05:51 PDT I am sending any of my fearful thought to heaven for transmutation . om shanti . .
22 Jul 2014 05:21 PDT hare krishna bhagwaniji. do igrls not have right to work?Tell me?what does our shastra's say. always he is angry with me because i work. i am crying krishna
22 Jul 2014 05:20 PDT Thank u My Dearest God for you did in my life yet I need your help to recover my broken heart by your Miracle
22 Jul 2014 05:18 PDT God Please, Make me Strong & Confident
22 Jul 2014 05:16 PDT Dear, God please help me you know what I want to have!
22 Jul 2014 04:49 PDT jai shree ram hey bagwan hamri help krna plz plz hum par kripa banye rakhna mughe bahut dar lag rha h plz god bless on us plzz god jai bagrag bali ki jai
22 Jul 2014 04:41 PDT Dear God, please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
22 Jul 2014 04:22 PDT my mother is sick ,pleaze help
22 Jul 2014 04:21 PDT Dear god, why you punish me. i need one gulf job. please help me. any pupils not help for me. You see for me & help for me.
22 Jul 2014 04:53 PDT Lord, I don't understand this with hug him, heal him, comfort Jesus name amen! (SMS)
22 Jul 2014 04:48 PDT Lord please watch over me today Please hold my tongue when I know you give me strength I love you and I hope I make you proud today (SMS)
22 Jul 2014 03:38 PDT Dear Sir/ Ma''am My family passing through very tough times with legal issues, financial crises , health problems and many more. Nothing is working out at all.
22 Jul 2014 03:29 PDT Dear God, thank you for my mom and for your continued help. I love you. Amen.
22 Jul 2014 03:28 PDT Dear God, please be with my loved ones and I throughout this day and let Wease have good labs n not be in CRF. Thank you for yesterday. I love you. Amen.
22 Jul 2014 03:53 PDT Cover my children with you Holy Spirit (SMS)
22 Jul 2014 03:07 PDT heavenly god,please make our beautiful earth full of peace and respect. please erase all the war between the country,untouchibilty,unequality between the people
22 Jul 2014 02:59 PDT heavenly god, please help me. . make my dreams come true !!!!!
22 Jul 2014 01:56 PDT lz help me god plzzzzzzzzzz
22 Jul 2014 01:17 PDT God i need money 6 lakhs with in 5 days please help me
22 Jul 2014 00:26 PDT help me
22 Jul 2014 00:53 PDT Help me fim (SMS)
22 Jul 2014 00:53 PDT Heal darlene thank u lord (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 23:27 PDT Thank you god for everything
21 Jul 2014 22:54 PDT Dear god please hear all the prayers that are being sent.
21 Jul 2014 22:36 PDT Please god tell what I did wrong. How come no one wants to love me. I don't want to live this life this way anymore. Please help me.
21 Jul 2014 22:13 PDT my it guys are annoying. please help me xxx
21 Jul 2014 21:42 PDT Dear God thank you for all my blessings. Please help ms "v" find some compassion where I am concerned. Amen
21 Jul 2014 21:11 PDT Adonai shalom
21 Jul 2014 21:11 PDT Shalom
21 Jul 2014 20:36 PDT how are you
21 Jul 2014 20:53 PDT i pray another miracle happens. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 20:48 PDT I love u god. Thanku for this day and keeping my kids and husband thanks for our jobs (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 20:04 PDT Thank you Lord. Please bear with me. I know these negative feelings aren't from you. I believe your promises!!!
21 Jul 2014 19:54 PDT Dear God - please help me to land this job I interviewed for today! If I don't get something soon, my family and I are going to lose everything. Thank you!!!
21 Jul 2014 19:23 PDT god i love u but my faith lossabout you. why i am not cleare my back paper ;rool no. 1112354021
21 Jul 2014 19:08 PDT God please make me beautiful. I always feel really ugly because all my friends are prettier than me.
21 Jul 2014 18:53 PDT Dear God, can you feel the pain in my heart or hear my cries
21 Jul 2014 18:25 PDT God kindly solve my office problem. I want promotions and increments in my office in this year 2014
21 Jul 2014 18:53 PDT i demand that my drug test that i took wont show im positive that i wont be locked up that i will be able to get my stuff together that my phone will work (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 18:04 PDT Dear God, he let me go without fighting for us. Please help me move on
21 Jul 2014 17:29 PDT Please continue to bless us Father and restore what has been lost exponentially In Jesus name. Amen
21 Jul 2014 17:27 PDT Lord I have been ripped off by your chosen people and bullied by them and paralyzed harmed emotionally physically and financially and almost homeless.
21 Jul 2014 16:48 PDT i knw i didnt wish u frm 2 days, am sorry, thanks for the job complement, thanks for everything god
21 Jul 2014 15:58 PDT Lord I learned firsthand that your Israeli people are horrible awful people. Please do something about it. In Jesus name Amen
21 Jul 2014 15:45 PDT Dear God, thank you for today. I love you. Amen.
21 Jul 2014 15:30 PDT Please god let me have my dream, send my a message so I'm not wasting my time day in and out
21 Jul 2014 15:53 PDT I felt good today. I felt comfy in my skin. Didn't second guess myself. I thank you for days like today. I will take as many as you will give. Amen. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 15:48 PDT But when I go to sleep and close my eyes I want to go to sleep andtalk to you in my dream and when I wAKE UP I want to wake up next to you and be in heaven thank you (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 14:37 PDT Message. To. god. We. Love. You. Today. In. 2014
21 Jul 2014 14:48 PDT Just let me go to peace with you and never have to be hurt and go to heavan it would be nice going today with you forever and not have to cry any more (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 13:32 PDT dear father god I ask this in jesus name that I become rich and wealthy by the end of this week I know this sound impossible but any thing is possible threw u
21 Jul 2014 13:31 PDT Thank you heavenly father for all you have done for me and please help me to do your will god in the of Jesus i pray that this year 2014 please help me to buy m
21 Jul 2014 12:55 PDT Dear God - thank you for looking after me and for always being there when I need you.
21 Jul 2014 12:52 PDT God please have mercy on and solve my problem
21 Jul 2014 12:51 PDT Dear God. Please help me .
21 Jul 2014 12:06 PDT Dear lord, thank you for blessing my husband and I I hope that you can keep harm and evil away from us as we follow ur path and bless our triumphs that we make
21 Jul 2014 11:48 PDT help me to become better than the best son, father, husband f,,
21 Jul 2014 11:35 PDT Thank you Lord for this day.
21 Jul 2014 11:19 PDT The Lord is my sheperd,i shall not want
21 Jul 2014 11:05 PDT God please be with us, here, close by ,even now.
21 Jul 2014 10:59 PDT Where the f$@& are you?
21 Jul 2014 10:42 PDT hello god its me i last spoke to on is other god i hope u will help me be u heal my 3 child an granchild plz .let no harm com to them
21 Jul 2014 10:29 PDT dear god plz help want to marry with convince his father for the same. only u can do anything. I dnt want anything help us.
21 Jul 2014 10:53 PDT i apologize for not helping the lady with the carriage. please let my camera work today. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 09:51 PDT thank you god
21 Jul 2014 09:39 PDT Dear god thank you for protecting me through out the night. I am so blessed to have you in my corner
21 Jul 2014 09:36 PDT College or gap year? It's all Your decision.
21 Jul 2014 09:32 PDT god please mere mummy papa ko hmesha khus rkhna aapne unk life me itna problem kyo likha hai kyo wo bhut ache aur sche hai please unhe khus rkho unhe kbi koi d
21 Jul 2014 09:31 PDT god help me i Have lot of problem plz plz god help me
21 Jul 2014 09:53 PDT i pray for a miracle. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 09:53 PDT Asbyzwfsbhkgbullzcbhig1pcmfjbgugdg9kyxkgz29klg0k (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 09:53 PDT Thank you Father (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 08:56 PDT I need a home and an internship. please help me
21 Jul 2014 08:44 PDT God l have faith in you l call upon you to hear me help me and my husband Francisco Hernandez to be together again and with my financial and health
21 Jul 2014 08:29 PDT Lord, please forgive me my sins! Thanks for all the gifts in my life. If it isn't too much, please heal the issue at hand.
21 Jul 2014 08:22 PDT Please Eli, can you repair my friendship? I am so hollow without her, if all i can have is the friendship i accept that but please help that become reality lord
21 Jul 2014 08:18 PDT dear god,this is sandhya really iam phasing many prblm from i got married my husband is not having job plz bless with good further
21 Jul 2014 08:12 PDT sarvam sri shridisairam baba i always want you to be with me and my family watever we do is only you who are doing always be with sainathaya t
21 Jul 2014 08:48 PDT (12) Hay daddy! Can u please send me some money? My brother Jesus says that if I ask in his name, that u gonna do it! So please hook ur daughter up cuz I would (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 08:48 PDT (22)like to get myself all prettied up!! (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 08:48 PDT Please God help me. Either find me something somehow or make me feel better. Amen. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 08:48 PDT Please God help me. Either find me something somehow or make me feel better. Amen. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 08:48 PDT Please God help me. Either find me something somehow or make me feel better. Amen. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 07:22 PDT Please bhogowan. ettu help koro. r parchinna.
21 Jul 2014 07:09 PDT Please GOD I Don't loose him. I love him so much. please help me.
21 Jul 2014 07:09 PDT Dear God, I know you are there, with sometimes I still feel alone, so kindly make me feel your presence- I am in deep need. Will he to strengthen myself.
21 Jul 2014 07:09 PDT god plz help want my love want to marry do something. I want to marry urmi convince his some cn do
21 Jul 2014 07:53 PDT cover Kevin Gallegos with the Holy Spirit and deliver him form harm, send Angels around him (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 07:48 PDT Please watch over me please (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 07:07 PDT How do we stop wars? now!
21 Jul 2014 07:07 PDT Dear KrishnaJI, Please Help me. mera pyaar mujhe loutado. please GOD. tum to sab kar sakhte ho. mujhe Aur Kuch nei chaiye, baas mere pyaar mujhe mil jaye. .
21 Jul 2014 07:04 PDT Dear god, thank you for all my blessings, heal liz & ashley, watch over all 5 kids, bj & tavon, save our home, poor family begs for miracles sad mom help us
21 Jul 2014 06:59 PDT I love you Lord father God in Heaven and to you oh Lord Jesus and to you Holy spirit. amen.
21 Jul 2014 06:51 PDT Dear God, please watch over my family. Pray mom stop having fainting spells and hurt herself
21 Jul 2014 06:46 PDT Dear God, please remove the spirit of anger in me and make me a better person. Please heal my broken childhood heart and teach me to love. Thank you.
21 Jul 2014 06:11 PDT Dear God, Thank you for another happy day in my life, please bless me and my family. . Amen
21 Jul 2014 05:12 PDT God thank you for always being with me. Please help me with this. I need my miracle.
21 Jul 2014 05:10 PDT pls let it be ok with me and kelli care a lot about her
21 Jul 2014 05:48 PDT please pray for my relationship with Jason he is my best friend i love him and want to spend my life with him but he is moving almost 3hrs away for a job. (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 05:48 PDT Thank u (SMS)
21 Jul 2014 04:54 PDT Dear God, please have mercy on me. I beg for your blessings despite of my sins. Please forgive me
21 Jul 2014 04:39 PDT dear god, please don't let this come back to me. in the name of Jesus
21 Jul 2014 04:19 PDT dear lord, still i don't have any job. please show me the way u chosen for me. some times i feel not well because of the job.
21 Jul 2014 03:26 PDT dear god u be with me all the time in my best way or bed way
21 Jul 2014 03:25 PDT i want my love dashrath back to me $my child with me 3of us together in our own house
21 Jul 2014 02:31 PDT God,my heart is so end this trouble
21 Jul 2014 02:27 PDT give me the opportunity. . . . .
21 Jul 2014 02:02 PDT Dear God, please be with my loved ones and I throughout this day and please let Wease have good labs n not be in CRF. I LOVE YOU. Amen.
21 Jul 2014 01:41 PDT Thank you god for everything
21 Jul 2014 01:20 PDT God pls help me. am having problem in my office
21 Jul 2014 00:33 PDT God! why this fear
20 Jul 2014 23:58 PDT Father thank you, you have answered my prayers when needed. I know my life is in your hands, thy will be
20 Jul 2014 23:18 PDT God,I know you've given up on me. .but please! I just want to be with Timothy! i'll give everything else up to see him happy. .i just want to be with him. .can
20 Jul 2014 23:10 PDT Dear Lord, please bless me with a good looking face.
20 Jul 2014 23:00 PDT Hello My Father, my name is Wes and if you can make my life financially successful, it would relieve so much stress in my Life. I manify
20 Jul 2014 22:50 PDT Thank you God for making my professional dreams come true. now for my personal dreams
20 Jul 2014 22:21 PDT Dear God, I want to be famous on youtube pretty soon.
20 Jul 2014 21:31 PDT my god plz help me i want to stand on my legs strong and be very succesful in my life frm ,plz help me plz be with me,plz guide me i need u!
20 Jul 2014 21:23 PDT When are we supposed to fight and when are we supposed to flight? I'm 40 years old I don't want to fight OR flight anymore.
20 Jul 2014 21:20 PDT Lord I am frustrated
20 Jul 2014 20:51 PDT mashaj anb sex
20 Jul 2014 20:40 PDT Hi lord plz help me .
20 Jul 2014 20:13 PDT God pleez give me ritan aftar day
20 Jul 2014 20:12 PDT Father thank you so much for the many blessings you have given, please continue keeping watch over us. Thou bless us with financial security for the short term
20 Jul 2014 20:53 PDT Lord please save me make me a better person (SMS)
20 Jul 2014 20:53 PDT Lord please I mant the gift of beauty (SMS)
20 Jul 2014 19:25 PDT Lord thank you so much of all the blessings showeted upon us. may you continue to guide us in good deeds. Thou bless my mama who is undergoing eye surgical
20 Jul 2014 18:48 PDT Dear God, you fill my heart with greatfullness for all that I have. Continue to guide me down the riteous path (SMS)
20 Jul 2014 17:56 PDT Dear God, please let me land the job I've interviewed for. I am at a critical point and in need for this to come through for me Lord to move to the next phase
20 Jul 2014 17:42 PDT Dear God, please let her see me as she used to
20 Jul 2014 17:40 PDT god help me. . . economis and english. . please god help me from here
20 Jul 2014 17:53 PDT i demand in the fathers name that my phone 6362227258 will dry out and work before the end of tonite i claim and command that my phone will work (SMS)
20 Jul 2014 16:11 PDT yaar kyu mera dil ro raha hai kyuuu aise kar rahe ho kyuuuuu
20 Jul 2014 16:09 PDT Jesus I love you but I am si confused today. What is it you and our father are trying to say,
20 Jul 2014 14:35 PDT God please heal my head and soul,let tomorrow be a new positive and fearless day,help me update my life and see the right direction
20 Jul 2014 14:23 PDT God give me and the rest of the world a stressfree and happy week ahead. Amen!!!
20 Jul 2014 14:53 PDT i demand in the fathers name that my phone the 6362227258 will work today (SMS)
20 Jul 2014 13:15 PDT Thank you, God. Thank you.
20 Jul 2014 12:49 PDT Love to god . .

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